Wednesday, 4 March 2009

be careful of what links you visit and what you download, including on facebook....

With these new applications/softwares to either view or download video clips or music, nothing can be certain anymore. Recently there is a worm that re-surfaced on facebook, and it self-spreads to the friends you have, sending them an email with some inciting text like:
"Hey, weekend soon ....", "Hey, have a good weekend...." and where the "..." are, there is a link, supposedly, to a youtube or other website with videos. When you click on it, the website it opens asks you to download an update(which is a malware, a piece of software that allows the author full control over some vital features of your computer).
"," as Trend Micro pegged the worm, rifles through a compromised PC, sniffs out browser cookies associated with 10 different social networking sites, uses the usernames and passwords within those cookies to log on to each service, searches for the infected user's friends and then sends those people messages that include a link to the worm(something that looks like this: /img/ weekends_holiday.html? img=324&vKud=4&......).
It looks for cookies connected to, Facebook, Friendster,,, LiveJournal, MySpace, myYearbook, Netlog and Tagged. (via computer world). View a CNN video about it here.
We all really need to be careful, especially when it comes to the situations in which we visit a website where we're asked to "update" either the flash player/java application, etc - Have your computer be protected by the up-to-date anti-virus, and "trust no one", even your closest friends - I mean, the messages they send you, that contains a link - check with them first!
The people today are looking for fun, for obtaining personal data and "cookies" from the internet users, and where can they do this better then on the networking websites!
  • protect your computer - the anti-virus has to be on;
  • don't listen to all the "updates" necessary for playing the videos! Check out the links/the websites/the flash player original website, and download only for them;
  • listen to your anti-virus! Sometimes we think that the messages given out by the antivirus are a joke, but most of the times they are right!
  • Don't trust any link sent by the people/friends! Ask them, after u receive either an email or an instant message, if they actually want you to visit this link! - better safe then.... spied on!
  • Protect your personal data - either on facebook or on other networking site, be careful what you put online about you.... eventually, by correlating some of these websites and the info you have on them, someone can find TOO much data about you....
Also, I would like to apologise to my friends on facebook for the message that was sent supposedly by me(with the above mentioned problem) - CHECK EVERY LINK, and don't just visit/download anything!

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