Wednesday, 12 August 2009

30 More Helpful Video Tutorials For Web Developers via tutsplus

If you are a web developer/web programmer, there's lots and lots of new things coming up constantly, and even more: maybe you know a certain programming language, but what about jQuery/php/python, etc? Well.... there are some video tutorials, 30 of which are listed here, that can help you in some respects - the article is about 30 More Helpful Video Tutorials For Web Developers, via tutsplus.

  1. Write Your First PHP Script
  2. How to Install Wordpress Locally
  3. Creating Web Services with NetBeans
  4. Why Learn Object-Oriented PHP?
  5. jQuery For Absolute Beginners Video Series
  6. How to Create a Wordpress Plugin
  7. Authlogic
  8. Intro to Visual Web Developer
  9. Rails with jQuery
  10. Getting Started with Dreamweaver CS3
  11. Building High-Performance Apps for AIR
  12. Performance Tuning Best Practices for MySQL
  13. An Introduction to Database Programming with Python
  14. Advanced Form Styling & Functionality
  15. Django Reloaded Workshop
  16. How to Use Firebug for CSS
  17. Basic iPhone Programming
  18. Introduction to CodeIgniter
  19. Debugging Ajax Applications with Firebug
  20. Developing Rails Applications with Komodo
  21. Using CSS
  22. Learn Django: Create a Wiki in 20 Minutes
  23. Using CSS3
  24. The Essentials of DOM and Javascript in 10 Minutes
  25. Using Scaffolding and Bake in CakePHP
  26. A Lesson Learned in Accessibility
  27. Firefox Extension Bootcamp
  28. Google Android App Training
  29. How to Share Facebook Feed with Facebook Connect in 10 Minutes
  30. Concatenating Strings with Yahoo! Pipes
Read the entire article + see the specific links to these tutorials online - 30 More Helpful Video Tutorials For Web Developers.

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