Thursday, 13 August 2009

free tools for your website AND about a great blog design - article reviews

Someone actually put that effort in to compiling 99 Plus Free Tools For Your Website - thanks to wildlysuccessfulmarketing - This list of 100 free tools to track everything on your Web site will get you though until you can get an IT guy on the phone.
  • Web Site Statistics and Counters(Ritecounter, GoStatis, Who’s.Amung.Us, eWebCounter, etc)
  • Surveys, Blog Tools and Web Site Communication Gadgets(Feedburner, Woopra, Enquisite, 4Q, etc)
  • Technical Web Site Stuff for Smart People(Web Page Analyzer, Netcraft, DNS Stuff, JAWStats, etc)
  • Analytic Programs for Web Sites(blvd, Google Analytics, Slimstat, etc)
  • Help for the SEO Impaired(Majestic SEO, Google Trends, Search Engine Position, Spider View, etc)
Continue to read this article - 99 Plus Free Tools For Your Website - online.

On the other hand, there are some characteristics of a great blog design - 10 Important Traits of a Great Blog Design(ten essential characteristics of a solid weblog design).
  1. Good readability
  2. A strong focus on the content
  3. High findability
  4. A great comment section design
  5. Tight integration with social networking/media sites
  6. A memorable header
  7. The use of effective visuals in the content
  8. A semantic HTML structure
  9. Logically and coherently organized content
  10. A good headline/post title design
Read more about each of these traits online - 10 Important Traits of a Great Blog Design.

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