Monday, 24 August 2009

tech: world breaking records - article reviews

Via the techradar website, there is an article listing The fastest, the lightest, the largest and the most viewed: Some of these records have stood for eons, a few are broken just about every year! Read

10 record-breaking achievements in tech
  1. 1. Largest wireless internet provider(DoCoMo in Japan, with 45 million subscribers)
  2. 2. internet land speed record(Record stands at 7.67 Gbps)
  3. 3. Largest virtualization deployment(Userful and ThinNetworks' 356,800 thin clients in Brazil)
  4. 4. Most viewed internet concert (Madonna webcast on MSN in 2000 with 11 million virtual attendees)
  5. 5. Fastest desktop processor (Intel Core i7)
  6. 6. Largest data warehouse (Sybase IQ analytics server)
  7. 7. Highest capacity media switch (The Steelbox, used for surveillance, supports 512 simultaneous video feeds)
  8. 8. Fastest supercompuLinkter (IBM Roadrunner)
  9. 9. Largest communications satellite (TerreStar-1 satellite)
  10. 10. Lightest mobile phone in the world (Modu)
The above list is just an abstract of these world records - some of which have already been listed in the book of world records - read the whole article online to find out more about 10 record-breaking achievements in tech

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