Tuesday, 23 August 2011

One Meaningful Thing Today: Going Through Psalms 2 thoroughly! (30-day challenge)

Psalm 2 in the light of God's systems of grace and of government(2) - Kiss the Son! Love the Lord! [picture source: flickr, Love the Lord Your God]Especially if you love the Lord and love His Word, you will enjoy reading the Bible! The Lord speaks to us here and there, here a little and there a little, bit by bit, verse by verse, etc. Sometimes from a whole chapter there's only one verse or even one sentence or one word that stands out. In our consecutive reading of the Bible we enjoy the Lord so much, we see the history in the Bible, the poetry, the commandments, the teachings, etc. In our more in-depth study with other spiritual guidelines, ministry books, life-studies, the footnotes in the Recovery Version, etc - we get even more riches out from the Word. And when we get together with the saints in different home meetings, group meetings, prayer meetings, vital group meetings, Lord's Table Meetings, prophesying meetings, training meetings, conferences, etc - we get even a richer deposit. There's so much in the Word of God! 

It's not easy to pick only ONE meaningful thing from what I was in today or from what I did today(not that I was doing a lot of things or anything like that...)! Especially on Tuesday there's the prayer meeting - and I have to say, this is THE MOST MEANINGFUL thing I did today! Praying to enjoy the Lord, to fellowship with the Lord, and to cooperate with the Lord that His kingdom may come and His will be done on earth as it is being done in the heavens - this is the best thing you can do on a Tuesday evening! But for today I would like to choose this particular matter as the

One Meaningful Thing I Did Today -
Going Through Psalms 2 Thoroughly

Many times I desired so much to go through a chapter in depth, verse by verse, not only through the life-study, but also through the crystallization-study, through the up-to-date speaking, through the footnotes, through the portions in the morning revival, through the pray-reading of the verse, etc. I never had time to do that, in a thorough way, for any chapter in the Bible! I even memorized chapters and Psalms, but never went through in a thorough way with a concise abstract / summary of the study. "Milking the Word" and drinking the milk in the Word, getting the nourishment...

So today in the Morning Revival on the Crystallization Study of Psalms I couldn't help it - I had to go through the whole second Psalm and immerse myself into it! I enjoyed it so much - reading it, praying over it, remembering from the message, listening to portions in the second message in the last training, reading the footnotes, reading the life-study... - this Psalm is so rich! And I managed to get two portions out on the aGodMan blog that summarize my enjoyment and my study of this chapter: Psalm 2 in the light of God’s systems of grace and of government – the nations are in open rebellion, and, Kiss the Son! Love the Lord!

Wow, how wonderful to see God's economy in Psalms 2! Though the whole world is in rebellion against God and even I AM in rebellion against God, He already has installed His King in Zion! And now all we need to do is Kiss The Son - Love the Lord! We can't and we wouldn't submit to God in His government - but the Lord can do it in us through our enjoyment of Him, loving Him, kissing Him, and allowing Him in us! This Psalm has become so rich to me, and I am so happy I could set aside a considerate amount of time to get into it and share about it!

[Disclaimer: I have the feeling that if I continue to do this "challenge", everyone who reads these portions will see not a THING but will love the Lord more. At least this is my purpose, and this is my heart - not to give people ideas or things, but to get to know this Loveable One and enjoy Him - even in practical things, normal things, day-to-day matters such as... reading the Bible and thoroughly enjoying a chapter! Read the two articles about Psalms 2 - Open Rebellion and Kiss The Son - and you will definitely love the Lord more!]

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