Thursday, 25 August 2011

One Meaningful Thing Today: Redeeming the Time at Lunch (30-day challenge)

Coming back after a lovely home meeting where we enjoyed songs of love to the Lord like, Jesus Lord I'm captured by Thy Beauty, Jesus Lord You're our first love - You're the One we love the Best!, The day approaches - Jesus soon is coming... - I love the Lord so much! I have to agree with David when he says that after he gets into the sanctuary of God and is in God's presence in His house, his whole perspective of the world is changed! Even the way we view the world and the people around us is changed - turned the right side up - when we are enjoying God in the house of God, in the church life!

But coming back to today's challenge - as you can see from the previous paragraph, the home meeting was delightful and eye-opening, but .... there's another matter I want to appreciate the Lord for today, which is,

One Meaningful Thing Today:
Redeeming the Time at Lunch

Believe it or not, I have a lunch break - only 30mins, but it's still a lunch break. As the day goes on and things pile up, to-do lists are being made, post-it notes on the PC, calendar reminders, emails with stars and "priority inbox", phone calls and orders, etc... the first thing I want to do on my lunch break - before even eating something - is to TAKE A BREAK! Just take a breather, man!

But I have already discovered a secret - the real rest I need and the real break for me is not just to stop from working and eat something in peace, but to give this lunch break to the Lord and enjoy Him in this time. Particularly, according to what I see right now as being the need, I am calling a brother and we're fellowshipping and praying together - for less than 11-13mins. This is it: redeeming the time in the lunch break - no matter how short is - to really get some rest, really get some spiritual food, and be encouraged!

The best meals I had for lunch were after such a phonecall and prayer time to touch the Lord with my dear vital companion... It is such a mercy from the Lord that we can TURN away - in the middle of the day, in the middle of the work time - to the Lord! We can turn to our spirit within, where the Lord dwells! It's a fight, it is a struggle, and not all the time you break through - but I practice, I give my best, to touch the Lord and kiss Him again, pray again for what's on His heart! After such a call the food tastes nicer, the time is more than enough, and there's life and peace within!

No matter how the situation was when I left the office, no matter how many things are awaiting my attention and response, I can take a break and enjoy the Lord - and I am filled with Him! He is the real lunch - and I'm learning a bit of what the Lord told His disciples in John 4(when He was waiting for them to get something to eat from the city, and He gave the Samaritan woman to drink of the living water) - My food is to do the will of the Father(John 4:32-34)... it is the Father's will that we keep a constant contact with the Lord Jesus and enjoy Him! This is what I enjoy the most, and this is what God also loves - and both us and God are satisfied!

To Redeem - is to purchase back something that was yours initially, and the price you pay for it is greater than the price you initially paid. TIME is ours - or so we think - but when it comes to enjoying the Lord, there's a greater price we all need to pay for even 10-15 minutes to spend with the Lord! Yes, we have time - but somehow, in some way, and for some reason - we need to redeem this time, pay a higher price to get it back, so that we may spend time with the Lord! But every such time is a memorial between you and Him, and it counts all the way into the New Jerusalem!

Amen, Lord, I want to learn to REDEEM MY TIME! Save me from wasting any more time.... I realize it all starts when you see the value of things - you see the Lord, His value and worth, and then you pay any price to gain Him. And we gain Him here a little, there a little, at lunch time a bit, in the evening with the saints a bit, in the morning a little... bit by bit, spending time with Him, the price increases but the willingness to pay the price is there - because we have tasted and we can testify that He is GOOD, and we see His infinite worth and preciousness! .... [and this was my lunch break today. And yesterday, and all my working days. Lord, recover my lunch breaks - to matter in Your eyes! Start with the lunch break, Lord, and take over many other times and areas...]


  1. Amen. Day by day, here a little there a little, we must redeem the time...redeem our moments...

  2. This is so sweet.. thanks for sharing brother!


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