Sunday, 25 September 2011

not a superficial knowledge but a constitution with the truth! (1 Picture + 1 Experience with the Lord today) 30-days challenge

Many times I am asking myself and asking the Lord also, Lord, am I just "guilded" with some general knowledge of God and the Bible? Or am I constituted with the Word so that it became my intrinsic constitution? Sometimes if you're young and speak these high truths as seen in the Bible and pointed out in the ministry of the age - people may say, It's all superficial, it's not your constitution.... Or even more, maybe you think you have it but you didn't spend time to get into the truth adequately so that the truth may become yours by being wrought into you.... Yes, it's the Lord's job to bring about situations and things that would "burn these truths into our being", but we have a responsibility to diligently get into the truth - more about this after,

1 Picture for today - One Wall on Caledonian Road

I have no idea what this building used to be, but there used to be an old-style construction in this place, and it appears that they tore it down in the back but they left the front wall! Of course, the front wall looks good, classy, with the inscription and all... Location: on the Caledonian Road, close to the Caledonian Tube station. I have to say: it looks good, but it's just a facade, just something for others to see, with no proper back-up or anything behind it. One may get fooled by the looks of it, but if you look closer, you will see it's "superficial", and it is something that is not really that normal...

One Experience with The Lord - Not Having a Superficial Knowledge but having a Constitution of the Truth!

Today I was really impressed with my need to be constituted with the truth in the Word of God. I may have read the Bible many times, I may read it daily and pray over it, and I may read other ministry books that help me get into the intrinsic significance of the Word of God. But the question still is: is this a superficial knowledge of a lot of things in the Word of God and in the ministry, or is this a genuine and intrinsic constitution of the truth? You can't give others something which you don't already possess - you can't bring others to a place where you are not yet! I need to be constituted with the truth!

This doesn't mean that "I am superficial in my study of the Bible", but it means that I don't want to take the way of "having a facade" or "being gilded" with the knowledge of the Word of God(see the picture above), but I want to take the way of constitution. It is so easy to be "gilded with gold", but to be made of gold is costly, takes time, requires a price, and is precious. Actually, the Great Babylon is gilded with gold and precious things(Rev. 18:16) - the fallen and apostate Christianity has many "precious things" and persons they can be proud of - but inside there's all kinds of uncleanness.... How much we need to be cleansed by the blood of the Lamb and washed in the water in the Word so that we may be cleansed, purified, re-constituted, saturated, and intrinsically filled with the Truth in the Word!

Do you want to be useful to the Lord? Give yourself to get into the truth, to study the Word of God - especially with the footnotes - diligently. Don't take the way of general knowledge, and don't take the way of being superficial. We need know not only what books are in the Bible and in what order, not only what are the topics of the books of the Bible, not only what is God's economy as viewed in the Bible, but also what are the major topics in the whole Bible and expound them to the saints. Not just the brothers - but even the sisters - need to take this way.

I've been thinking about it - what if I don't just read the Holy Word for Morning Revival but I also get into the "further reading" bit? What if I read maybe even the life-study messages that are recommended there? What if I listen to the message for the week - once or twice? I can tell u what may happen - there may be a deposit that is being diligently - if we are diligent about it - constituted into us. Little by little, day by day, bit by bit... - we gain a deposit of the truth, something precious in the Word of God. And if we come to the home meetings and the group meetings, we can function and be perfected in our speaking!

This whole world is not dying because of the diseases, famine, or other natural calamities... they are dying because of the lack of food! The food the Christians put today on the table for others is "junk food", "ready-made food", "microwave food", etc. or at the best, food that is weak in nutritious elements - you can't survive or grow on that food! But what about us? We have the riches of Christ in the Word of God(let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly!!! Col. 3:16), we have the ministry of the age opening up the riches in the Word of God, and we even have the high peak truths of the Bible being unveiled before us... what's left for us is to...
Get some Digging into the Word! Get some digging into the ministry! Labor on the Word, on the footnotes, on the life-studies, on the ministry books, on the morning revival... get filled with the Word of God! We have the storehouses of Joseph, and the whole world is in a famine! Give Them Food! First YOU eat and be filled, YOU be constituted, and then "go to a world that is dying" and "rescue the perishing" by speaking to them the high gospel! People already know and have rejected the low gospel preached today - they need something HIGHER, something that gives them purpose and meaning in their life! People need to hear God's Economy! They want to know God's Full Salvation! They desire Christ, the Reality, the Desire of all the nations!

[every time I read the Word and the ministry I am being exposed - Lord, I need to and want to labor in the Word and the ministry much more! Save me from just "mentally understanding these things" - I want to be constituted with the truth! Not just "facebook statuses" with things I was impressed in the Word(which are good, but you can't live on those!) - but a constant living according to the vision given by the deposit of the Word and the ministry in our being! You can't take a break from or run away from that! I Want to be Constituted!]

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