Tuesday, 4 October 2011

ITERO in Holland, here we come! (1 picture + 1 experience with the Lord) 30-days challenge

Wow, it is such a privilege that it is in Europe that the ITERO is hosted this time! The International Training for Elders and Responsible Ones is now on the continental Europe! The last time this feast in the Lord's recovery came to Europe was in 2003, and it was in Heckfield Place, close to Reading. But now it's in Baarloo, Holland! And somehow it looks like I'll be attending it, together with many hundreds of brothers in the UK and from Europe! I don't think I'm "an elder or a responsible one", but I want to be part of the generation who is learning by practicing...

1 Picture for Today - Glimpse of the Holloway Road Shopping Centre

Sorry to speak a lot about Holloway Rd, but that's where I kind of live and walk about... Anyways, after I went to get some shopping done for the trip to Holland I thought I should take a picture of the exit of the shopping centre... No matter how many people are flooding the place during the day, there's a time at night when NO ONE is there, and the place looks desolate. It's impossible to go shopping 24/7 - because man was not made for shopping, but man was made for God! Anyways... :) here's how the exit of the shopping centre, at the entrance of the Morrisons, looks like at night... [in case you didn't notice, the picture is a pretext or an excuse to promote and talk about the real thing, the following experience with the Lord!]

1 Experience with the Lord today - ITERO in Holland, here we come!

First of all, I thought that ITERO starts on Thursday evening, so I was mentally prepared that we would travel to Holland on Thursday morning - and I told everyone in our home meeting and at work - that I will still be working and be in town on Wednesday.... when I found out that we are actually travelling to Holland on Wednesday morning, so I can't go to work or meet with the saints for dinner on Wednesday! Boy, oh, boy.... we had to rush things, explain things, apologise to the right persons, make sure people know where things are and what needs to be done, etc... - somehow, after hours of work and sweat and coordination, it worked out! :) I need to be more "responsible" and more informed next time...

Second of all, I consider it such a privilege that the Lord allows us, the young adult brothers, to attend the ITERO and learn, together with the more experienced brothers, to serve together and coordinate together. We don't have much experience, and we are definitely not mature in our human life or spiritual life, but we want to learn just as Joshua learned by being around Moses and observing. There's so much to learn, so much to pray over, so much to experience and to fail, and so much to allow the Lord to do the work He wants to do in us! We are not qualified, and the more we are involved in practical things in the church life or in speaking for the Lord, the more we realise that "we're not the man for the job". We really need to be replaced by Christ practically, and we need to learn to coordinate together and fellowship more together...

Third of all, why am I still up at midnight writing something on the blog when I have packing to do, shirts and trousers to iron, some rest to get, and all kinds of other little things to take care of? Well, this is the question I ask myself again and again - why do I have to write here on the blog? I want to find out YOUR feeling / opinion concerning this blog, whether it is HELPFUL or whether it is TOO MUCH... - or, what do you think? Now that I'm on my way to ITERO in Holland, there may very well be 4-5 days until I find time and internet access to write on the blog - so I would really like to find out your opinion about it. Take a look at the previous articles, the previous pictures, etc - and drop me a comment here....

I don't want it to sound like this is very important - but YOUR COMMENTS may be decisive when it comes to whether I should continue doing this, writing this, in this format and on this blog. I receive a lot of likes and comments via Facebook or twitter, but I would encourage you to drop me a line below....

[I'll come back with more AFTER the ITERO, most likely, but until then I want to have YOUR comments, opinions, feelings, and suggestions. Thank you - I appreciate your feedback]


  1. in my discretion, it is better for you to continue doing this, that more will be supplied and constituted with the truths in the practical way..

  2. Continue on what you are doing, it's really inspiring!

  3. I have been enjoying reading the posts here. Thank you very much for your supply. I am very encouraged to see that our Lord actually can be experienced and enjoyed in a practical way! ... BTW, when is the next one? ^_^



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