Monday, 17 October 2011

"writing your own copy of the law", Psalm 68, YOUR Bible (1 Picture + 1 Experience with the Lord today)

The title is a bit "random", isn't it? Well, that's what happens after a whole day of rushing this and running to the gym, then a quick shower and run to the brothers meeting, and then back home to write an article... - but somehow, in all this "rush this" and "do that", there's an underlying enjoyment and peace because I can do these with the Lord! In the most craziest and busiest period of all, you can be at rest in the Lord because you inwardly turn to Him and are supplied in His Word by eating Him and drinking Him! What a mystery - living the divine history within the human history...

1 Picture Today - waiting for the bus at London Bridge at 10pm

Here I was, after the brothers mtg, waiting for the bus to come - at London Bridge. And as usual, the bus doesn't come when you want, so you need to wait for a while... London Bridge, by the way, is a huge place - the tube / underground comes there, the trains come there, and loads of buses come there. Many tourists are there, the Borough Market is right across the street, the Guy Hospital is there, the Shard is being built around there, there's loads of offices there, and... it's right by the river Thames: you can just walk on "the queen's walk" all the way to Tower Bridge....

1 Experience with the Lord Today - Writing Your Own Copy of the law, Psalm 68, YOUR Bible!

Whenever a king would be installed and start ruling over the nation of Israel, he needed to take the book of the law and make a copy of it - hand write it for himself - and keep this copy and read it his whole life. The real knowledge and wisdom comes from knowing God, and not from human wisdom or knowledge. This was in the Old Testament, in the old times.... but today, as believers in the Lord, we need to have "our own Bible", our own "copy of the law". Even more: we need to WRITE our own copy of the law! The Bible in its entirety needs to become ours - by praying over it little by little, here a little and there a little, bit by bit, verse by verse, chapter by chapter... the Word of God gets infused into us and constituted into us - it becomes ours!

This week we are in Psalm 68, and it is mainly concerning Christ as the center of God's move on the earth. Our God is a moving God - He stepped out of eternity and into time, stepping on the bridge of time, to reach us and come to us. God was incarnated and He passed through human living, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. In His ascension, He reached the highest point in the universe, and now Christ is at the right hand of God as both a man and God! There's a man in the glory - a God-man is on the throne over the whole universe! This One is also in our spirit - He is both at the right hand of God ruling over everything AND in our spirit today!

I want to get into this Psalm and make it mine! More practically, not just reading it (which I did at least 2-3 times by now), but also writing it! So here it is, I wrote it down here: Psalm 68 - to the choir director. Of David. A Psalm, a Song. I did not "copy and paste", neither did I adjust it... - I wrote it myself as I read it in the Bible. Try it - write the Word of God, write verses every day, and make the Word of God become Your Bible. We need to look for ways to take the Word of God into us, digest it, assimilate it, put it in front of our eyes, put it on our walls, on the door, in our notebooks, as our screensaver, as our wallpaper, as our screenlock wall paper, as our status on facebook, as our twitter update, as our profile picture... - integrate the Word of God into your life!

The above situations and places where we need to put the Word are just SOME of the many ways we can put the Word in front of us, in our hands, in our hearts, etc. If you read the Psalms you will see that the psalmists - who are loving seekers of God, just like us - loved the Word of God very much and treasured it, sought after it, mused on it, pondered about it, thought deeply over it, put it into their mind, spoke it, searched it, thought about it in the night, woke up early in the morning to get into the Word, found the word, were enlightened by the Word, ate the word, digested and assimilated the word... - the Word of God was so much to them, and they loved God so much!

So that's I wanted to do today - not just personally read this chapter, Psalm 68, and not just corporately read it together with the brothers tonight. I want to "write my own copy of the Bible", or at least this portion. There's no "copyright infringement" and there's no "Bible police" - but there's the conscience which is being purified as we get into the Word, there's the light of the Lord who can shine on us more as we have His Word in us, and there's the preservation in our being as we do things - because the Word in us speaks to us and supplies us! Praise the Lord for His living Word! We can make it OUR LIVING WORD!

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