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does God hate us? Does He want bad things to happen to us? Questions answered in the Bible

We love the Word of God, the Bible - if we have questions related anything in the human life, church life, family life, etc - we can come to the Word of God! Many times our question does not need a "full and comprehensive theological and reasonable answer" - most of our questions are answered by a simple and sweet touch with the Lord! Before you get the answer, you get the ANSWER! Before you get the answer, you can get the Lord Jesus, and He is the answer! If somehow our question would be turned into a seeking the Lord and touching Him, we will get the real answer!

These days I'm going through the Bible in my regular Bible reading, and I realized how many questions are answered by just reading the Bible with an open heart and an open spirit! Here's the question many people in the unbelief of their heart and the doubts of their mind ask,

Does God hate us? Does God want bad things to happen to us?

Of course, this question is a lie from the enemy, whose sole job is to accuse God, accuse our brethren, accuse us - he just lies, speaks lies, is the father of it, and nothing he speaks is true! And when it comes to this question, as I was reading Genesis chapter 4 I realized it:

God Does NOT hate us! God Loves us, and He wants to Fellowship with us!

We all know the story of Abel and Cain, and we all want to be an Abel - not in the sense of being the one who is unrighteously and hatefully killed by his brother, but in the sense that we want to be "the good guy"... But what I was shocked with in this story is that it doesn't say that God ever spoke to Abel but He did speak a lot to Cain! I mean, wow! Cain had a lot of envy and even hatred towards his brother since God was not pleased with Cain's offer but with Abel's, but still - God came to Cain, right there in that situation, to continually speak to him! God saw Cain's heart, his intentions, yet He still came to him and spoke to him!

Also, even after Cain slew his brother, God still came to Cain and spoke to him, warning him, encouraging him.... All I can say is, Wow, God loves us so much that even in our lowest point He comes to us to speak to us and be with us! No, God doesn't hate us, and NO, God doesn't want bad things to happen to us - He loves us, He wants to have fellowship with us, and He is interested in a personal relationship with us!

At the same time God is righteous, so if we break His law we will have to be disciplined, but He wants to come in, recover us, talk to us, fellowship with us, and bring us back to Himself. He's after our heart - our heart to be open to Him, turned to Him.

So if you feel like "God hates me" or "God sends all these bad things my way" - remember, the answer is God Himself in our fellowship and talk to Him! Talk to the Lord, open to Him, and enjoy His presence! He wants to talk to us! Are you seeking an answer to some very troublesome and answered questions? Open to the Lord and come to His Word! You will get the Person of the Lord when reading the Bible with an open heart

Picture - Her Majesty's Theatre
If you follow me on you will have seen this picture before - this is Her Majesty's Theatre in London.You can read all about it here, here, and here. One thing about theatre in general - the real scene going on right now is related to God, man, and God's enemy - Satan. I wanna be on the right team and performing the right act - I want to learn rather to exercise my spirit and enjoy the Lord than waste too much time on watching theatre.

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