Tuesday, 13 December 2011

the bigger the lie, the more people believe it; the truth still stands!

I have been thinking about this matter these past few months, especially when interacting and talking to the people around me. I realized one thing, looking at the history of the church until today - Satan has changed his strategy against the Lord and the church from persecuting the Christians (in the first two centuries) to welcoming Christianity (and then mixing all the pagan and idolatrous things with the things in the Bible); from covering the Bible (the Dark Ages) to allowing people to read the Bible yet add their own flavor to it (thus creating division, many distractions, and "a Christian church supermarket" where people choose the church that fits their taste); and from allowing man to read the Bible to ridiculing and making fun of what the Bible is and stands for...

Still more, because of discrediting and ridiculing the Christians and the church, people today especially in the Western Europe prefer NOT to believe in God but rather believe an outright lie instead of accepting the simple truth! All throughout the ages the truth in the Bible stood strong, and today it is shining forth with more light in the local churches everywhere on the globe. But people prefer to believe a lie, something that would fit their taste, even though the lie is great, absurd, and even colossal.

The influence of Hollywood and the movies on people is clearly seen in many believing all kinds of crazy things like: re-incarnation, no sin - no punishment for sin, ignoring God meaning there's no God, elevating the self to the extent of believing in your self and not in God, accepting all kinds of strange eastern practices and religions as being something to try, etc. I can even go so far as to say that people would rather believe in movies like Star Wars and Star Trek than believe in God - even though, starting from when these movies came out until now, everyone knows such things don't exist. The movies and TV shows today expose man's thirst for supernatural, fantastic, surreal, and as far from the reality as possible.

The truth as it is presented in the Bible and as it stands throughout the ages is so simple, so pure, so un-complicated, and when man hears the truth - there's an Amen - that's right! in his being! When people hear that God created man in His own image and likeness so that man may be God's expression in a corporate way - man is satisfied and filled with purpose! When we hear that God became a man in the person of the Lord Jesus and then as the Spirit He wants to come into our spirit to mingle Himself with our whole being and make us even the same as He is - our reaction is, Wow, amen, that's it! It is so good to know the truth and be simple - touch God in our spirit, be filled with Him daily, and express Him in a normal way!

No matter what others say about the Bible, about the Word of God, and no matter how many books people put out as being "best seller" and "best selling book of all times" - the truth in the Bible still stands! The truth in the Bible, being the Word of God, stands throughout the ages - in the beginning was the Word (John 1:1) and when the Lord Jesus will return He will be called the Word of God. Actually, it is the Word of God spoken by Christ as the Overcoming One together with His overcomers that will destroy the enemy. Today it is "man's day", it is "the day of the ruler of this world" - but in us who enjoy the Word of God and are simple to contact Him in a living way, this one has nothing!

But I have noticed that in these last days as soon as you don't touch the Lord in a living way in His Word, it is so easy to just go along with the flow in the world, become like the rest of all the people, even to believe in an outright lie, and then live a life without a purpose... It is almost as if in the age of the degradation of the church the attack and degradation has been intensified, so that you can't even stand by yourself - there needs to be an intensification of God's organic salvation to produce some who would be overcomers, some who would stand against the current of the age and just be simple enjoying the Lord!

What a mercy, how relieving, enlivening, and meaningful it is to be simple! Accepting the truth and having a living relationship with the person of the Lord Jesus Christ in a daily and habitual way - this really makes you feel you are one with the Lord, you fulfill the purpose of your life, and you are satisfied simply because God is satisfied! ... I just can't believe that the bigger the lie, the more people are prone not only to believe it but stick to it and uphold it and speak it! It is indeed the Lord's mercy that we would be simple, we would know our God, and we would allow the Lord to save us in His life much more today - so that He in us would become the overcoming One! Lord, do it in us!

One Picture in London - Tesco "You Shop, We Drop"
In London and everywhere in the big cities in the UK you see these trucks from Tesco - "you shop, we drop", meaning not that they drop your stuff on the floor but that they deliver! It's free delivery many times, and you can set what time you want it delivered! Pretty cool... :)

[What do YOU think? Does the truth in the Bible sanctify you to such an extent that the lie in the world - even the lie which is the world - is exposed? What is YOUR experience in this regard?]


  1. Amen, we need to contact Gog in s living way in His word!

  2. I just wonder why such an Almighty God couldn't save all people regardless of their faith in the Lord Jesus ..if He really wanted and loved them unto death

  3. The whole world lies in the evil one... In order to usurp man, the enemy formed an anti-God world system on this earth by systematising men with religion, culture, education, industry, commerce, entertainment etc through men's fallen nature, in their lusts, pleasures and pursuits and even in their indulgence in necessities for the living...Not loving such a world is the ground for overcoming the evil one! (1 John 2:15 note 2)

    Further words on the world can be found in 'The heavenly vision' chapter 5 - the vision of the world. And Message 8 of the Life-study of Exodus on the Three signs is also an excellent one to read.

    May the Lord expose the enemy and the world to us and keep us running the race by pursuing with those who called on the Lord out of a pure heart!

  4. @unknown commenter above: Almighty God, yes. Definitely, but not only is He almighty, He is also righteous. Actually, righteousness is the foundation of His throne. If he did something unrighteous, His throne would topple. So what is unrighteous about saving people? Well, because God told man: "Do not eat of this tree." Man disobeyed, strike one, but by far not the worst part of it, the worst part of it is that in disobeying and eating of that tree man ingested something into his being that caused his entire being to become defiled. His spirit was deadened, his soul was mutated into the self with all its evil as well as goodness (all of this apart from God Himself), and his body became the flesh, full of lusts and evil desires. Man became altogether impure, evil, and just a disaster; in fact, he became one entity with God's enemy. However, God still loved man, but His righteousness did not allow God's love to reach man. However, in His infinite mercy, God sent His Son to die (for this was the requirement, the shedding of blood) so that through this ultimate sacrifice we would have access to God, access which we had lost through our disobedience and our being one with God's enemy. He died for all creation, but in order to come to God, we need to accept what He did for us, accept that God in His wisdom has provided only one way for us to come back to Him. If we do not accept God's way, then we are saying that we know more than God, that we can come to God in a way other than the way God has ordained. This also is unrighteous. So, for whatever reason, we can argue and complain that this is not fair according to our finite human concepts, we can refuse to accept it. But in the end, we really have no right, for He alone is God and this is what He has provided. If we choose to try to do things our own way...well then...we should be ready to accept the consequences.


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