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caring MORE for the Father's house than for our own

I have been a bit quiet on this blog, but quite regular on :) and on facebook. Encouraged by some of the saints and family friends I decided to try something new: compile and put together the statuses on facebook and post them here on the blog! :) Since not many of the readers of the blog are my friends on facebook, why not present the riches in the Word of God to everyone!
Matt 16:18, I will build My Church!

This past week we were getting into the Building up of God's House, the Father's House, the House of Jehovah. You can read extensively on this subject via, but I will also post below some of the statuses from Facebook on this topic. Praise the Lord for the depths of the Word of God and the ministry of the age which opens up the Word and brings us into the intrinsic meaning of what the Bible really says!

Lord, save us from seeking our own things! Save us from RUNNING after our own things while Your house lies waste! O Lord, IT IS TIME! We will come to build! We bring the wood and build the house! Gain what You are after, Lord, the building! We give ourselves to You for this, for the building up of Your dwelling place!

We need to have the sense that the church is the Father’s house – here the Father lives, rests, propagates His life, dwells with His children, and the desire of His heart is fulfilled. Today the Son is building a house for His Father, which the Father would call it home, and this house will match His characteristics and taste.

The Bible is a book of building. The central divine thought in the Scriptures is that God desires a building. Whatever God is doing today is part of His building work. The Lord's coming back depends on the building up of God's house, His dwelling place. Lord, gain the building! We come to build!

Saints, may the Lord have mercy on us that we may be unveiled to see, unloaded that we may receive, unoccupied to have the capacity to apprehend, and emptied that we may be filled with God’s heart’s desire to obtain His house, the Father’s house.

How blinded we have been, shut in with what concerns us, while God's house lieth waste - Lord, break through, overturn us! We'll go up to the mountain - bring wood and build the house. We will never say, Another Day! We will come, o Lord, to build!

Lord Jesus, mingle Yourself more with us today! Build Yourself into us. Make Your home in our heart. Lord, make us mingled persons who have their being fully mingled with the Triune God. Lord, more mingling today!

The extent to which we are the church in reality depends upon how much we are mingled with God. When we by the Lord's mercy allow the mingling of God with man and man with God to work and build in us, we will have the reality of the church as the Father's house, the house of Jehovah.

But holding to truth in love, we may grow up into Him in all things, who is the Head, Christ, out from whom all the Body, being joined together and being knit together through every joint of the rich supply and through the operation in the measure of each one part, causes the growth of the Body unto the building up of itself in love (Eph. 4:15-16).

We need to let Christ possess, occupy, and saturate our entire inner being, so that He may build His house, the church. The genuine church life is actually an issue of Christ personally making His home in our heart to occupy every corner of our inner being.

Lord Jesus, soften us; / You know the source from which we came. / By calling on Your name, / Lord, let no earth unturned nor rocks remain — / Lord Jesus, grow in us. Amen, Lord Jesus, have a way to grow in us!

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Picture source: a dear sister on Facebook framed this verse.

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