Wednesday, 21 January 2009

not so easy to be happy where u work - test

Working somewhere is a test to all, especially if you're not so easy to be satisfied, or you're looking for something that not even you know what it is. I used to think that working for google is amazing, and it actually is - check this out:
and other many many testimonials about the nice food, nice people, good benefits, social life, working on what you want, working what you like, free time, sports, etc - involved with working for google.
Recently I stumbled upon the article at techcrunch - why google employees quit, which was another eye opener for me. You can work for the "best" and most innovative and fun company in the world, and still not be happy. Why?
As I said before, working for a company is a test. Do you really want to work for the best company / most recommended, doing what you really like, and having lots of free time, space and holidays? I think that what you actually need is to LEARN TO WORK for the company that hired you. Once you get a job, you just need to learn and work on "learning to like what you naturally dislike" - maybe some aspects of the job are not so "attractive" to you, but should you just give up the company for not having all the benefits in the world?
This is also the principle in life: unpleasant and not so nice things will come our way so many times, and so what should we do? Ignore, reject and criticize these things? Or learn to go through them, being formed into more mature persons, and continuing to be open?
It's our personal choice though.... in today's society the cultivation of the individual is being proclaimed, and "do what you want where and when you want" is the general slogan everyone is encouraged to live by. Unfortunately - or rather fortunately - shocking and shaking things will come and do come our way, and we can all learn more thing even through failures or in difficult times....

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