Monday, 26 January 2009

looking for website templates...

Once upon a time, it used to be that you had to pay big money to get a website done(and can still be the same today....) and also the design would cost you a lot... Yet today all you need to do is either to create a blog, or look online for some nice templates either to buy or to download(they are free...). In creating and taking care of websites, online, on the design side one needs
  • lots of time and inspiration to create some nice layouts/website templates OR
  • simply to download or buy from online some nice website layouts and templates OR
  • someone who either does the layout or gets one for them.
Of course, I use all the 3 methods, sometimes combining them.... But here below is a list I compiled of some websites where from you can get some website templates / layouts for websites:
  • - free web templates, free website templates, free logo templates - takes some 3-4 steps to get the web template you want, but it's nice and it's free! :)
  • - free website templates, list of 70-80 templates for free, with preview and download. Simple and clean.
  • - free templates to download, over 4000, categorized: business, dhtml, flash, hi-tech, html, themes, others, etc.
  • - free website layouts and free website templates - still, so many / the nicer ones are for shopping...;
  • - free templates from Master Templates, nice colourfull templates, downloadable templates, especially business templates;
  • - lots of free web templates by category - fashion, cars, business, corporate, portal, drink, industrial, law, media, etc - each category has at least 3-4 free website templates;
  • - free websites templates - layout templates, and also free myspace templates;
  • - website with a lot of templates, most of them paid ones, but there is a hidden section with free websites templates - most of them, I would say, are wordpress/blog templates, but they are really nice!
  • - free templates and premium templates; the free website layouts are kindda extremely simple and basic...
  • - free web site and newsletter template from interspire - simple and clean website templates;
  • - free templates from the original template provider, list of some free and most others for pay templates for websites;
  • - Andreas Viklund, musician, writer, and web designer - puts out on his website some original free website layouts, either website templates or wordpress themes;
  • - list with preview of free html website templates, very nice and simple, and free flash templates, photoshop templates and web backgrounds;
  • - download free website templates, after you enter your email address(they may spam you); on the right hand side, the menu, is actually for premium templates(for which you have to pay);
  • - open source web design - free website templates, by designers; not extremely many designs for web, but some nice simple ones, with preview and download web design....
  • - they also have a section of free XHTML/CSS websites, with some very cool templates :) - yet most of the site is paid website templates;
  • - site that claims to have the largest collection of free website templates, YET you really have to be careful - the most obvious and nice ones are the ones that you have to pay for! On the right hand side there's a small menu: no frames, speed demons, dreamweaver, etc - that is the list.... And if you want to download any free layouts, you have to register with your email address - for getting a password...
  • - yet another download free website templates - not too many layouts, only the first page is nice....
  • - website templates for themebot, both free downloadable templates and paid website templates, including some webmaster tools;
  • - free website layouts, html / grunge / business / ecommerce / portal / frame templates - very simple, and not so many templates....
  • - lots and lots of free website templates, when you want to download them, it opens in another window, and there you have to look for the small size red link to download...
  • buy online website templates at:
    # - the best resource, I would say - lots of web templates online, most of them paid; also has some free web templates;
    # - annual subscription;
    # - pay per website template;
    # and most of the ones above are "premium website templates", that is, you can buy them.
and so many others free website templates. Of course, there is an acute battle for the visitors and clients, and you have to be really careful when you visit these websites: from link to link, you find yourself in a "premium" section! Anyways, they know what they're doing, and they try their best to "get you to buy" the "premium" templates!

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