Wednesday, 28 January 2009

though on blogspot, I like wordpress more because....

Maybe I was "raised up in blogging" with the wordpress, but I think that definitely wordpress is much better than the platform google offers. Some of the reasons:
  • when posting in wordpress, you have a full - much fuller - menu of text formatting, including options like: open link in a new window(when u choose to put a link towards a website, you have this pop-up window that opens and has lots of options - not to mention the fact that it does not block/lock you on that particular page - you can also visit the tabs in the background); resize the box where you write the text, etc.
  • the dashboard - lots of updated cool plugins for wordpress, lots of themes(hundreds, literally, while blogspot has just a handful...), the links so easy to find - the menu is very well constructed, the possibility of editing the way the links look like when u post, the presence of the categories(which help a lot...); statistics - free and nice, offered by the community - updated regularly.... On blogspot, it simply is very difficult to find your way around, to change and customize the themes... and sometimes the plugins listed are useless for what you want to display/have on the site(especially when u got used to wordpress...);
  • the arranging of the elements in the page - the layout gadgets and navbars in blogspot, which are kindda' set and not customizable, while in wordpress you know you can play around with the set sections you are being given(some optimization can also be done...);
  • the simple things in life, that make your life happier - even the list of posts and comments, together with the classical askimet spam catcher.... - on wordpress, I mean.... - with the possibility of re-arranging the elements in the page, always having a left-hand side full menu, even while posting....
  • the wordpress downloadable platform - download wordpress, install it on your website(see the 5 minute guide), and then use and enjoy it on other websites; the blogger platform.... what is that?
  • what I like about is the autosave(just like in the google mail...) every several minutes of activity... and about wordpress: wordpress for iphone? Wow! I have to check it out!
and some other reasons, which I'll update as I remember them.... Suggestion 4 google: replace the blogger platform with the wordpress platform!
I'll continue to post on blogspot, yet I prefer the wordpress...

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