Monday, 2 February 2009

london under snow....

It actually snowed, and it is still snowing, in London! And this time the snow is up to 20cm high! :) Of course, just like any big city, London is not prepared for such things; I remember Bucharest when it snowed.... besides the accidents that took place, the traffic was almost completely jammed! But because of experiences like these, the cities that are snowed on are learning:
  • acquiring some special machines-devices to remove the snow from the roads,
  • spreading salt & sand in order to reduce the slippery effect for the cars;
  • enforcing the rule that: every store/flat/house owner has to take care of the snow on the sidewalk in front of their venue(and not throw the snow on the road, but maybe deposit it in the backyard or around the trees, in piles);
and other practical things... Now in London/UK it has not been such snow for more than 15 years, as I heard, so let me list some of the effects/observations of what's the people's reaction to it:
  • yuppy yey! Many schoolers and high-schoolers have no school today, either by the order of the authorities(see Cambridge schools not in session) or by simply not going to school(but going ski-ing or making snowmen...);
  • yuppy for some employees - like some of my workmates - they simply can't get to work, because of the road condition and the trains not working.... traffic jams... (and some can spend some more time with their families, or again, making snow-men....);
  • no busses in Central London - at least I saw none, and I tried to wait for 43, my "favourite" bus, but it didn't come... WOW - all London busses have been withdrawn today, because of the adverse weather conditions...(actually, I would not like to see an accident in which a double decker is involved.... in the snow....)
  • the tube - lots of incidents, closures and suspended lines/itineraries - see what bbc says about it, or the tfl updates. Some of the tube/train stations are either closed or severe delays are taking place, so crowds of people waiting for the train is a normality....
  • @work, at least in our shop... less customers, because of the weather outside(who would travel now, especially by car?), yet the online orders are working even better! :) Now everyone is in front of the PC, looking online for things to buy....
  • @work - my favourite part - working from home, remote, by the existing networking protocols and remote working softwares out there.... unfortunately, it's not my case today;
Sorry I don't have pics to post from London, but soon on facebook there will be some(check out what BBC says about the chaos in London because of the snow...). London under snow reminds me of Bucharest under snow... :) Finally, the snow is here! :)

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