Saturday, 21 March 2009

new site, personal link collection

I guess that most of us have the same problem that I have: I don't really have an organized link collection. We read articles, visit sites, bookmark them, like them or hate them, wanna visit them later or just want to save them/send them to other people, etc - yet we use different computers, and to save them into the bookmarks here AND there is almost impossible. So I decided to put them here, in my personal link collection. And this link collection is growing.... so far, there are some "categories" I thought about:
  • personal links - sites I visit uften, random websites yet very visited;
  • friends websites - some of the people I know and are online...
  • spiritual websites - some websites with spiritual content, that I like/read/visit;
  • cool websites - interesting sites with new ideas/innovative things....
  • cool articles - articles/news and other links with cool things/lists online;
  • work links - websites I visit/have to visit for work, either working online or at home...
  • online shops - the online stores I visit and check from time to time.
and there are other categories I am thinking about, like: multimedia, movies, funny, etc. Anyways, I am open to suggestions, and... to improvements! :) Also, the only disclaimer: this is my PERSONAL link collection, so.... no offense... ;)

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