Monday, 18 May 2009

new romanian blogs - freshly discovered by me

Well, they have been online for a while, but I re-discover them, and I am impressed. Someone say that the bloggers are the worst people(at least in Romania), and some of them are good.... it's up to the romanian language speaking public to decide, I guess... here's the list of some of them:
  • visurat - sebastian bargau, "don't cry for it being over, be glad it happened"; sarcastic and acidic blog posts;
  • piticu - blogging as news, passion, piticu from Romania;
  • re:fresh - 2.0 archive of the Romanian internet; ideas, analysis, projects in .ro;
  • divercity - Romanian blog with new music and movies;
  • eok - "it's ok" - Your music, your friends, together; music, pictures;
  • monden - music, stars, interviews, news about movies and music, in RO;
  • starstreet - the latest news in music, movies, etc - RO;
  • gosvip - gossip about the VIP, guess who did I see today? news, RO vip;
  • mondenwest - Monden West, news, Stars, Events, news about music/pop/movie stars;
  • glossymagazine - glossy celeb gossip and news, movies and TV, fashion, etc;
  • dulapiorulmeu - my little drawer, news about the music industry, music pop stars, RO and other; other romanian music/monden blogs;
  • catastif - catalin tenita, info geek;
  • florin HiQ - Florin Grozea from HiQ;
  • subiectiv - subjective notes and comments, by Alex Mihaileanu;
  • lamaie - marie jeanne's blog;
  • scobleizer - robert scoble, now at rackspace;
  • problogger - adrian bornea from Romania, web designer and blogger;
that's it for now. I'll be back with more. twitter me?!?

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