Friday, 24 July 2009

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I truly apologize for not writing on this blog for a while, but "I'be been busy", as they say. Check out the Cool Articles and the Social Media Article series on my other blog! Though I dodged the twitter thinggie for a while, eventually I gave in to so many of my friends who use it, and I'm on twitter also, writing every day about stuff, especially about website design, website programming, SEO, internet marketing, interesting stuff....(I hope).
Now about the collection of the articles in my link collection(there's also an archive of cool articles/twitter-facebook related ones): There are so many sites out there that write about interesting things related to different niches, and I was thinking to compile them, even to express an opinion about them, and list them! This becomes a more difficult task as the list of such sites increases. Some of them are:
and many others! Anyways, since so many other people on twitter and their blogs mention these articles, I was thinking even to introduce the most interesting ones of them here, on this blog, with a few words, at least with their main topics. Believe me, some of them are really interesting!

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