Tuesday, 11 August 2009

SEO tips and jQuery code snippets for everyone - article reviews

This is not much of a review, but at least a short listing of the main bullet points of these articles, and you decide whether to visit them or not. I would recommend them especially for the web developers and web designers.

  1. Write Semantic and Valid Markup
  2. Optimize your Title and Meta Tags the Correct Way
  3. Always Use alt and title Attributes
  4. Maintain your CSS and JavaScript files Externally
  5. Use Google Webmasters Tools
  6. Keep your HTML Simple
  7. Avoid Frames
  8. Use JavaScript Only for Progressive Enhancement
  9. Be Careful When Using Flash
  10. Create a sitemap.xml file for Google
  11. Make a Site Map
  12. Add a robots.txt File to Your Root Directory
  13. Check for Broken Links and Images
  14. Avoid Duplicate Content
  15. Create an Informative Error Page
  16. Keep a Flat Structure Directory
  17. Use Search Engine Friendly url Names
  18. Design an Effective Footer
  19. Use Breadcrumb Navigation
  20. Write Good Content
read this article online here.

  1. Form validation plugin
  2. Drag and Drop functionality using jQuery
  3. Pagination using jquery
  4. Embed flash using jQuery
  5. Creating tag cloud via jQuery
  6. Insert Simple ajax effects using jquery
  7. Creating tips with jQuery
for the ardent programmer, here's the article.

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