Wednesday, 12 August 2009

5 things that can kill your site & How to create your first iPhone application

Continuing the series of just quoting the main points of some interesting articles, here are 2 of them: Five Things That Will Kill Your Site and How to Create Your First iPhone Application.

A high availability website - It’s all about expensive redundant hardware with top of the line load balancers and an enterprise class SAN, right? Well, not necessarily. There are several cheap or free steps you can take to ensure uptime before you splash your cash on lots of kit. If you’re not taking these steps you are wasting your money on your redundant hardware. Here are my top five things that bring sites down, in rough order of likeliness:
  1. Change
  2. Unexpected load
  3. Slow death
  4. Time related issues
  5. Hardware failure
Read the entire article about "Five Things That Will Kill Your Site" online.

  1. Have an idea – a Good Idea(Does your app solve a unique problem? Does the app serve a specific niche? Does it make people laugh? Are you building a better wheel? Will the app be highly interactive?)
  2. Tools Checklist(Iphone Developer Program, get an iPhone, get a MAC, get iPhone SDK, etc)
  3. What Are You Really Good At? - Skills Checklist
  4. Do Your Homework: Market Research
  5. Know the iPhone/iPod Touch UI
  6. Determine "Who will use your app?"
  7. Sketch Out Your Idea
  8. Time for Design(use the iPhone GUI Photoshop template or our iPhone PSD Vector Kit)
  9. Programming
    Developers & forums: Apple Dev Forum, iPhoneSDK (moderated by Erica Sadun), iPhoneSDKForum, iPhoneDev Forums, iPhoneSB
  10. Submit your application to Apple Store
  11. Promote Your App(Strategies for maintaining/boosting app sales: Incorporating social media, Pre-launch promotion, Plan for multiple releases)
  12. Stay Focused and Don’t Give Up!
Read the entire article about "How to Create Your First iPhone Application" online.

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