Monday, 17 August 2009

freelance designer with small budget? some tips - article reviews

This article is for me - I'm that kind of a Freelance Designer On A Shoestring Budget - All these tools and services are either free or pretty cheap considering what can be done with them and can be great replacements to the more expensive ones we’re used to!

20 Tools For The Freelance Designer On A Shoestring Budget
  1. Image Editors: PixelMator; Gimp; SplashUp
  2. Feedback And Usability Testing: Concept Feedback; Five Second Test; Feedback Army
  3. Color Tools: Colour Lovers; Adobe Kuler;
  4. Billing, Invoicing And Time-Tracking: Freshbooks Invoicing; Invoice Machine; Billings 3
  5. Cross-Browser Compatibility: Litmus App; BrowserShots; Parallels;
  6. Local Testing: Mamp;
  7. Coding & Programming: Text Wrangler; NotePad+; Text Mate;
  8. Images and Photos: Flickr; DeviantArt;
Well, to really understand what these cryptic names are above, you have to read the full article - 20 Tools For The Freelance Designer On A Shoestring Budget - which will help you to have an idea about the solutions out there for people that wanna do somethings nice yet with not so much money!

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