Tuesday, 18 August 2009

when using twitter, avoid these things - article reviews

Interesting article, wrote a while ago, and found now - 11 Things to Avoid When Using Twitter.
  1. 1: Do not use the following words in your bio, no matter how much you think they will attract followers: Social Media Expert, Guru, Make Money Online, Affiliate Marketing, Increase your Followers;
  2. 2: Do not ONLY answer the question “What Are You Doing” in your tweets:
  3. 3: Do not ONLY promote your blog/business in your tweets
  4. 4: Do not tweet the same thing more than twice in a day
  5. 5: Do not tweet about your followers more than once a week
  6. 6: Do not tweet exclusively in another language
  7. 7: Do not tweet sensitive/private information
  8. 8: Do not Auto DM people who follow you
  9. 9: Do not Auto Follow
  10. 10: Do not consistently make spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes in your tweets
  11. 11: Do not use Twitter like you use Facebook
When one reads these things, they seem so... normal! Yet in this social Media realm, everyone wants followers, lots of increase, and ... it results in SPAM! Anyways, check out this article: 11 Things to Avoid When Using Twitter

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