Wednesday, 12 August 2009

List of Tools for Testing your Website - article reviews

For webmasters or any other person who either wants to check his own website or any website, the people at GraphicRating have posted a list of 15 Tools for Testing your Website including validators, accessability, Cross Browser Testing, Website Performance Testing, etc. Excellent collection of links

1. HTML Validator
2. CSS Validator
3. Links Validator
4. RSS Feed Validator
5. Free Site Validator

6. WebAIM Wave
7. Functional Accessibility Evaluator
8. Hera

Cross Browser Testing
9. Xenocode
10. Browsershots
11. IeTester
12. Microsoft Expression SuperPreview

Website Performance Testing
13. Pingdom Tools
14. YSlow
15. Web Page Analyzer

Read more about these solutions(each one has a little explanatory paragraph attached) at the 15 Tools for Testing your Website.

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