Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Case study - ways to fail at Customer support - article reviews

WOW, I have never ever heard of such cases as in the 8 Ways to Majorly Fail at Customer Support - real case studies of people who bought things/devices and the customer support/what happened after that, was horrible! And even now, some of these cases are not solved! WOW!

  1. A Paving Stone and a MacBook Pro(Resolution: Keith owns a $2164.89 red paving brick, he is continuing to dispute the charges.)
  2. Zer01 Offers Unlimited Mobile Service, Sort of(Resolution: All website information has been removed of the offer, as well as the debacle.)
  3. Debt Collectors Steal Money, Then Forced to Return it(Resolution: Andrew Cuomo, the attorney general in New York, filed a suit to recover upwards of $500 million in damages, resolution pending.)
  4. The Quadrillion Dollar Credit Card Bill(Resolution: Jon had the $23 quadrillion charge reversed, and the $20 overdraft fee.)
  5. I’ll have the French Onion, Hold the Rubber(Resolution: None, Claim Jumper is disputing the claim.)
  6. A Box of Rocks and a Nintendo DS(Resolution: Wykle got to exchange the Nintendo DS for a non-rocks-and-newspaper version, and received a $20 gift card for her troubles.)
  7. The $85,000 Cell Phone Bill(Resolution: After negotiating with Bell Mobility, the carrier agreed to reduce the bill to $3,243 as a sign of “goodwill”. Definitely much more than what Staniaszek was expecting to pay, but a far cry from his nearly six-figure charge, which he arguably was liable to pay.)
  8. LA Fitness “Borrows” $5000 From its Members(Resolution: After 3 years and saint-like patience, the customer received a full refund of $5620.I t later came out this was one in a series of similar illegal charges instigated by LA Fitness, all of which were eventually resolved. Employees found to be involved in the scam were all fired.)
uhm.... read more about these cases, with links to the actual article that deals with them, on - 8 Ways to Majorly Fail at Customer Support.

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