Wednesday, 12 August 2009

More useful Wordpress tricks, hacks, plugins - article reviews

There are a lot of tricks to help everyone to improve the usage, posting, writing, optimizing of the wordpress based blogs and websites - here are 30+ New Useful WordPress Tricks & Hacks via the famous hongkiat blog.

  • Antivirus For Wordpress
  • Digg/Bury Blog Comments Like Digg.Com
  • Spell, Style And Grammer Check With After The Dealine
  • Detect Adblocker And Display Alternative
  • Insert Anything Into Wordpress Blog Post – WP-Insert
  • Improved Web Typography In WordPress – WP-Typography
  • Disable Comments In Old Posts Via PHP
  • Custom ‘Read More’ And Thumbnailed Recent Posts
  • Add Shadows To A Range Of Objects
  • Implement E-Commerce Shopping Cart – WP E-Commerce
  • Alternative Way To Display Dates – WP-RelativeDate
  • Vote Post Up/Down
  • Wordpress Thread Comment
  • Add Private Notes To Wordpress Blog Post
  • Customized Greeting Messages – WP Greet Box
  • Allow Users To Upload And Share Photos At Ease – PhotoSmash Galleries
  • Thank Your Commentators With Thank Me Later
  • Paginated Comments
  • Check For Broken Links
  • Manage Who Sees The Ads
  • Wordpress Download Counter
  • Add Post Thumbnails With Ease – Simple Post Thumbnails
  • Display Thumbnails For Related Post
  • Link Codes To 33 Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Display Random Posts From Category
  • Mass Manage Wordpress Custom Fields
  • Create Beautiful Blogroll Down-Drop (Without Javascripts)
  • Automatically Insert Content After Each Post
  • Better Commenting Functions And Management With Intense Debate
  • Better Wordpress Search Page
  • Filter Content By Country
  • Create Your Own Private Twitter Site Using WordPress
To read more and find out more about these tricks, including some links to where you can find these hacks/plugins, visit the original article: 30+ New Useful WordPress Tricks & Hacks.

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