Monday, 17 August 2009

Targeting the keywords and On-Page Optimization - article review

This article is simply amazing - going over the good-practice-seo-rules and tips and analyzing them one by one, with some recommendations! I strongly recommend reading it:
Perfecting Keyword Targeting & On-Page Optimization

How Do I Build the Perfectly Optimized Page?
  • Take care of the HTML Head Tags(Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Meta Robots,Rel="Canonical", Other Meta Tags)
  • The URL: the length, the keyword location, subdomains vs pages, word separators
  • Body Tags: Number of Keyword Repetitions, Keyword Density, Keyword Usage Variations, H1 Headline, H2/H3/H4/Hx, Alt Attribute, Image Filename, Bold/Strong, Italic/Emphasized, Internal Link Anchors, HTML Comments
  • Internal Links & Location in Site Architecture: Click-Depth, Number/Percentage of Internal Links, Links in Content vs. Permanent Navigation, Link Location in Sidebars & Footers,
  • Page Architecture: Keyword Location, Content Structure;
Why Don't We Always Obey These Rules?
In the process of producing great web content, we sometimes forget, sometimes ignore and sometimes intentionally disobey the best practices laid out above

Best Practices for Ranking #1
Accessibility; Content; Basic On-Page Elements; User Experience; Marketing; Advanced/Thorough On-Page Optimization

Continue to read this article - of which I just listed the main points - via seomoz - Perfecting Keyword Targeting & On-Page Optimization.

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