Friday, 14 August 2009

Web developer cheat sheets AND the guide to GET vs POST

Website programming articles: I read the article about 30 Web Developer Cheat Sheets, and here are some of these:
  • PHP + MySQL Cheat Sheets
    - Added Bytes - PHP Cheat Sheet v2
    - Blue Shoes - PHP Online Cheat Sheet
    - WebCheatSheet - Regular Expressions Online Cheat Sheet
    - AddedBytes - Regex Cheat Sheet (PDF)
  • Javascript and AJAX libraries
    - Javascript Reference Card
    - Javascript and Browser Objects Quick Reference
    - jQuery API Browser
    - MooTools Cheat Sheet
  • HTML and CSS Cheat Sheets
    - HTML Cheat Sheet - PDF/PNG
    - CSS Cheat Sheet PDF/PNG
    - CSS 3 Cheat Sheet
  • Photoshop and Illustrator Cheat Sheets
    - Photoshop CS4 Cheat Sheet
    - Online Adobe CS4 Cheat Sheet
    - Illustrator Short Cuts Cheat Sheet
    - AI Shortcuts Cheat Sheet - PDF
  • Misc Cheat Sheets
    - The WordPress Help Sheet
    - SEO Cheat Sheet
and many other tips - check out the 30 Web Developer Cheat Sheets online.

In php programming - very useful - The Definitive Guide to GET vs POST via the carsonified blog.
Rule #1: Use GET for safe actions and POST for unsafe actions.
  • GET requests can be cached
  • GET requests can remain in the browser history
  • GET requests can be bookmarked
  • GET requests can be distributed & shared
  • GET requests can be hacked
GET vs POST Extended
Rule #2: Use POST when dealing with sensitive data.
Rule #3: Use POST when dealing with long requests.
Rule #4: Use GET in AJAX environments.
Read more about this guide to GET vs POST in php/mysql programming online.

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