Wednesday, 19 August 2009

techies resisting the recession AND about the mod_rewrite

Totally random posts, but nonetheless very interesting! Michael Pinto from fanboy gives 12 tips for those in the technical realm to survive the recession.

My Twelve Tips for Techies Trying to Resist Recessions
  1. Upgrade the Old Clunker
  2. Cheap Thrills
  3. Discover Budget Leaks
  4. Track Your Time (on the Cheap)
  5. Losing Your Religion(the bad habit that techies get into about having a favorite flavor of operating system or software vendors)
  6. Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
  7. Go Out and Have Fun
  8. Help Out-of-Work Friends Get Jobs
  9. Be Charitable (with Your Time)
  10. Invest in Self Promotion
  11. This is Your Time to Start a Startup
  12. Always Have a Plan B, C and D
Maybe you don't really understand what this is about, but if you read his history(included in the article) and the way he managed to overcome the crisis, it is quite interesting! Read the whole article online here - My Twelve Tips for Techies Trying to Resist Recessions.

About the Mod_Rewrite - 10+ Mod_Rewrite Rules You Should Know.
  • How to: Turn Mod_Rewrite On
  • How to: The Basic Mod_Rewrite Layout
  • How to: URLs are Always Relative
  • How to: A Basic Redirect
  • How to: Require no “www”
  • How to: Block a Specific IP Address
  • How to: Block Specific User Agents
  • How to: Strip Query Strings
  • How to: Set up a Default Image
  • How to: Prevent Hotlinking
  • How to: Redirect to a Maintenance Page
  • How to: Redirect Multiple Domains to a Single Domain
  • How to: Remember the Filesystem Always Takes Precedence
Continue to read more about these 10+ Mod_Rewrite Rules You Should Know - via the noupe blog.

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