Monday, 24 August 2009

design an effective homepage to your site - article review

The first impression left by a book is its cover; the first impression, which either draws or rejects someone is the homepage of a website. The Homepage can lead to a lasting impression (negative or positive) that can affect their decision to return to it. Via sixrevisions read more about:

Essential Tips for Designing an Effective Homepage

  • Identify the website’s purpose/goal(Differentiating goals of the homepage vs. goals of the website)
  • Learn the difference between a new vs. returning visitor(Subscriptions and memberships)
  • Selling products or services
  • Highlight Content Effectively
    - Step 1: Prioritize
    - Step 2: Create a Content-Only Layout
    - Step 3: Make Attention Happen
    # An Example: Horizon Business Coaching
  • Remember to include the necessities
  • Have a rationale for everything
  • Use meaningful graphics
  • Use meaningful content
  • Know the importance of page response times
  • Minimize and optimize the amount of graphics
  • Combine JavaScript and CSS files
  • Minify your scripts
I guess that we all are learning about this - continue to read this helpful article about some Essential Tips for Designing an Effective Homepage.

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