Monday, 24 August 2009

tips for photoshop design and for website design - article reviews

Sometimes you need that extra Photoshop knowledge in order to achieve the look we need - Photoshop can help you more than you think you know. Read the carsonified advices below:

5 Advanced Photoshop Techniques for Web Designers

  1. #1 Awesome Buttons (and how to make them)
  2. #2 Navigation Menus (and how to design them)
  3. #3 Typography Inset (the technique)
  4. #4 Faded Shadow (little bit of Blur and Quick Mask)
  5. #5 Depth and 3D Space (with just few extra layers, you can create an illusion of 3D space)
Enhance and optimize, with a cool touch of design, your website by following these steps / tips - Advanced Photoshop Techniques for Web Designers.
On the other hand, related to the design of the websites, there are many ways and many more efficient and begin to work smarter in designing the websites! Via boagworld we have

10 tips for efficient design
  1. 1. use snippets
  2. 2. use a javascript library
  3. 3. configure your tools properly
  4. 4. have one system for tasks
  5. 5. embrace and manage admin
  6. 6. distractions must die
  7. 7. keep a tidy environment
  8. 8. avoid multi tasking
  9. 9. don’t do excessive hours
  10. 10. communicate better
As simple as they sound, they are nonetheless very true - there are so many little things that "eat up our time" while we try to focus on the designing of the website. Let's learn then these 10 tips for efficient design.

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