Monday, 24 August 2009

tips for web startups AND mistakes of the PR's - article reviews

There are lots and lots of web startups, and many of them(maybe even most of them) are going down - carsonifield shares Some lessons learned thru many experiences....

10 Vital Lessons for Web Start-Ups
  1. #1 Choose Your Payment Provider Carefully
  2. #2 Know How You’re Going to Deal with Invoicing
  3. #3 Be Super-Organised with Customer Support
  4. #4 Provide a Demo
  5. #5 Make it Easy for Customers to Send Feedback
  6. #6 Just because a Market’s busy, Doesn’t Mean it’s Saturated
  7. #7 Don’t Worry About the Dinosaurs
  8. #8 Release Early and Often, but Plan Ahead
  9. #9 Make Full use of Existing Tools
  10. #10 Hire in the Experts
These above are just ideas - read more about them and the experience others had in this realm - online via 10 Vital Lessons for Web Start-Ups.

On the other hand, as we all experience some of these, below is a list of common issues experienced by journalists when dealing with PR people. Most of these are quite famous -

15 savage mistakes commonly made by PR folks
  • BCC fail
  • Totally irrelevant content
  • No understanding about audience
  • Impersonal emails
  • PDFs / attachments
  • Weird formatting
  • “Feel free”
  • “Let me know if you post something!”
  • Lack of a decent response channel
  • Poor service
  • Big Brother-style lurking
  • ‘Exclusive!’
  • ‘Embargoed’
  • PRspeak overkill
this article is quite interesting, and I guess that the guys at econsultancy are just like us - sometimes not so happy about the way people at some PR companies deal with us! Continue to read this article online - 15 savage mistakes commonly made by PR folks.

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