Tuesday, 8 September 2009

effective article writing tips - article reviews

Via SiteSketch101 I found this interesting article - 10 Elements of Highly Effective Articles, in which there are 10 principles of the good and well written articles out on the internet and not only.
Here’s the bottom line: If you want to keep a majority of your visitors then you have to be able to produce amazing articles. Period.

10 Elements of Highly Effective Articles
  1. They Use Proper Grammar
  2. They Don’t Contain Jargon
  3. They Relate Personal Experiences
  4. They Demonstrate Humor
  5. They Use Stories to Convey Truths
  6. They Can Be Read in One Sitting
  7. They Call Readers to Act
  8. They Call Readers to Interact
  9. They Provide Vital Information
  10. They Are Organized
Read the entire article online - more details about some of the elements of highly effective articles.

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