Thursday, 3 September 2009

use twitter for employment branding - tips - article reviews

Interesting article: Using Twitter for Employment Branding? 15 Things Recruiters Can Tweet About... via afistfulloftalent.

Using Twitter will only work if you've got a kicking brand already - you can't buy this stuff and you can't make any of it up. If you think you're ready to jump in though, here are some simple ideas to get you going:
  • Employee programs.
  • Link to blog posts, articles and other thought leadership pieces written by your staff.
  • Post photos from your corporate events
  • Company press releases...
  • Link to your job postings.
  • Interview/selection process.
  • Bad candidates.
  • Good candidates.
  • Events + appearances. Recruiting events, conferences, other speaking engagements.
  • Offers and new hires.
  • Career advice.
  • Did someone else mention your company in a tweet?
  • Non-work activities.
  • Other digital networking tools.
  • Other employees on Twitter
Of course, some of these ideas apply to other companies or small business besides the employment ones.... so they may help you...

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