Wednesday, 2 September 2009

how to improve (reduce) the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate - article reviews

Nowadays lowering bounce rates and increasing conversion rates are two or rather one (as both are closely tied together) of the main tasks that modern SEO is about. The bounce rate is the rate that the visitors on the site leave the site, either by closing the page or just by leaving it inactive and eventually losing it. The Conversion rate is the rate of converting visitors into customers/friends/users/registered users.

30 Simple Ways of Improving Bounce Rate and Conversion Rate
  1. 1. traffic (Get “targeted” traffic, Optimize for one main keyword or phrase, Use Twitter to gain a following, etc)
  2. 2. visitor intent(informational, commercial, social - identify, split, create funnel, ask people, conversion attribution)
  3. 3. usability (the topic of the page in the title, call to action visible buttons, allow white spaces, etc)
  4. 4. landing page optimization (create specific landing pages for organic traffic, add signs of trust, divide the page in steps, remove pitfalls, etc)
  5. 5. a/b split testing (test versions of the landing pages / call to action wordings, test colours / text sizes, test at different times, etc)
All these are just "the tip of the iceberg" - so you have to read this article online via seoptimise website - 30 Simple Ways of Improving Bounce Rate and Conversion Rate.

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