Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Learn SEO from your competition, analyze them! Article reviews

Understanding what your competitors are doing online is a must and absolute priority when launching a new website that is entering a competitive space and also when established websites want to keep an eye on their competition. In this article via searchenginejournal, there are some interesting tips on how to learn even from your competition:

SEO Competitive Intelligence: learn from your SEO rivals
  • Identifying the Competition
    - Affiliate sites are your competition
    - Offline competitors
  • On-Site Competitive Intelligence
    - Site URL Structure
    - Site Development and Coding Structure
    - Use of Analytics
    - The directory files and URL structures of listings pages
    - Page Title and META Title Review
    - META Tag Review (Description / Keywords)
    - Navigational System Review
    - Broken Links
    - HTML Code Validity
    - Design & SEO Integration
  • Offsite Competitive SEO Elements
    - Local Listings
    - Number of Inbound Links
    - Linkbait or Viral Marketing
    - Social Media
    - Blogging
    - Paid Link Research
    - Site visits and Traffic
    - Page Rank and other Metrics
    - Competitive Rankings
These bullet points are just the titles/ideas - read more in this thorough article via sej about some SEO Competitive Intelligence: learn from your SEO rivals

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