Wednesday, 2 September 2009

give your blog the quality it deserves - wordpress tips - article reviews

Though it was written almost a week ago, this article is quite helpful and interesting, so I was thinking to at least mention it here:

10 WordPress ‘HOW-TO’ to Give Your Blog the Quality it Deserves
  1. 1. How to disable scripts and styles
  2. 2. Display Thumbnails For Related Posts in Wordpress
  3. 3. A Custom Read More
  4. 4. Get the first image from the post automatically and display it
  5. 5. How to Highlight Search Terms with jQuery
  6. 6. Display Latest Posts by Category Archive
  7. 7. Only Show Posts With a Specific Custom Field
  8. 8. Find Page’s Top Level Parent ID
  9. 9. List latest posts from certain category
  10. 10. Add Breadcrumbs to WordPress Without a Plugin
There are so many interesting yet simple tips to help you bring more quality to the wordpress blog - in this article from noupe there are 10 of them listed.

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