Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Get some rest + the Prayer Meeting - One Meaningful Thing I Did Today (30-day challenge)

After that football yesterday with the brothers, my whole body is aching... and it's the same with several of the brothers, I asked them on facebook. For some reason, though we played football "with our legs", even our back (in the case of the older ones) and our arms are hurting... Football exercises or stretches some muscles in the body that one does even not know he has! But exercise is good... even though I was almost limping when I was walking the whole day today...

On Tuesday evening right after work I usually have approx. 1.5hrs of gym - and it's so good to exercise before you go to the prayer meeting! You get your whole body in gear, and while you are at the gym, you can also get your spirit into gear! The Bible says that "bodily exercise profits a little, but godliness profits for all things"(1 Tim. 4:8) - so even while you exercise the physical muscles, why not exercise the "spiritual muscle", the spirit, to either call on the name of the Lord, pray, say Amen to the Lord, listen to some spiritual messages or some hymns, or converse with the Lord! ... but today since I was so tired, I...

One Meaningful Thing I Did Today -
Get Some Rest + The Prayer Meeting!

I got some rest right after work! You know, it's really good to get some rest! The human body needs rest, and in this rest there's also the supply to go on! You can't just "push it" and "press on" until there's no more breath in you... even in the Lord's work, in serving the Lord in our spirit, we need to learn how to REST first, enjoy the Lord first, and then do something for Him with Him in oneness! So I got some rest, and even though it was just a couple of hours, it gave me strength :) I was advised by someone I need to get some more rest... but being a "young man", many times I tend to discard such "menial and trivial things" as "taking a nap"...
O Lord, I want to learn how to balance my living, my resting, my eating, my exercising, my spiritual exercise, my cleaning, my attitude, my relationships... only You can do this in me, Lord - keep me coming to You about all these aspects of my living! Lord, make Your home deep down in my heart, and be the Proper Human Being who Fulfills God's Plan in me!
And after such a wonderful rest, I made it to the Prayer Meeting! Especially as Tuesday night draws close, there are a million reasons, problems, and other things that come up and give you that feeling, Nah, maybe I shouldn't go to the prayer meeting today - I suddenly need to do this or that, to go there, do some shopping, etc. It's in all of us, and it happens all the time! It doesn't happen on Wednesday or Saturday night, but when it comes to the Prayer Meeting time, it's almost as if there's an invisible person who brings up things to hinder you to get there!

But once you "get your bones to the meeting" and you get together with the saints and start fanning into flame the gift of God which is in you, once you start praying, you have the deep realization that you can be one with the Lord for the advancement of His kingdom! We may pray for the students, the young people, the freshers' fair, the Amana Bookshop in Central London, or even for the personal needs of the saints - but in all these, when you exercise your spirit, you touch the reality of the Praying Christ! We pray - one with the Lord! In all our prayers we basically say,
Come Lord Jesus! Your kingdom come! Your will be done! We bring You this situation or that person - may Your perfect will be done! Release on the earth what has already been released in the heavens! Bind the strong man and release the captives! Bring in Your kingdom in us, in the church, in our city, and on the whole earth! We stand here on earth one with You, Lord!
I guarantee you, no matter how tired you are when you get to the prayer meeting, and no matter whether you may have fallen asleep during the prayer, or maybe you didn't pray too much - it is the greatest blessing to participate in the prayer ministry of the church, even to have the Prayer of the Age! What can we do more than pray one with the Lord for what is on His heart? Why would we work so much and accomplish so little when we can pray more and the Lord will accomplish so much more? (adaptation from bro. Nee). It is so good to be in the prayer meeting of the church!

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