Monday, 29 August 2011

Playing Football with the Brothers - One Meaningful Thing I Did Today (30-day challenge)

Since today it is a Bank Holiday - no work, no school, etc - I had the whole day off, which is both unusual and kind of strange.... What do you do when you don't work? One thing I know, no matter whether I have work, school, training, travelling, etc - I need to have my Morning Revival Time with the Lord! Though I woke up a bit later than usual ;) I still managed to enjoy the Lord - we're now going through the Crystallization-Study of the Psalms, week 3, about the Excellency of Christ.
Though man failed God and did not fulfill the purpose he was created for by God, this only delayed God's purpose - but God became a man, and the Lord Jesus in His ascension was given dominion over all things, the lordship, and the kingship! Now God's name is becoming Excellent in all the earth because Christ through the Body - the church - is heading up all things, solving all the problems, and rules & reigns on the earth! O Jehovah our Lord, how excellent is Your name in all the earth!
I also managed to go by the new Amana Trust bookshop in King's Cross - my first time - and I checked it out. Today they had lots of saints coming to help, and there's a great need for more help. The work is going on, and the Lord blesses the dear faithful saints who give their time for the Lord's use. After a short visit to the bookshop to see how the work is advancing - I'll put some pictures on Facebook :) - I proceeded to do,

One Meaningful Thing I Did Today -  Playing Football with the Brothers!

I used to play football all day long when I was young, and then I switched over to basketball... but football is "in the heart of every European man" :) So today the brothers - young people and students - went out for some football at Hackney Marshes, and I went to join them for a bit... It's so good to have activities together with the saints, no matter them being "outward" - there's something of God that is in us, and as we're being together, there's a building going on, there's a dispensing going on, and there's a blending that goes on...

I thought the game will be for 1-2 hrs, but after I arrived there and played for approx 2hrs straight, that was just the first half! 2 hours of playing football is not a small amount of time - if you're really into it, running about to kick that empty ball ;) and pass it around, .... it drains you and wears you out! You can "switch positions", staying in defense or even as a goalie, and then run again on the field... no matter how "small the field is", you still run about for a loooong time.... - FUN :) + TIRING :( I thought that going to the gym regularly helps, but it is "another kind of exercise" when you play football...

There were some brothers that play for a football team, and they were good - especially if they are put in the same team, it's wonderful just to watch them play (too bad if you're on the team against them!). Some other brothers know the game - they pass, keep an eye on the ones who need the ball, and dribble when it's necessary. Others just pass or simply go for the goal! Others were young ones / older ones that didn't play that well, but somehow they always gave these players a hard time - they didn't expect them to make those moves or to kick like that ;) Some collisions happened, ending in some fun and laughter, then others missed the goal, ... The funniest was having a 10yr old young brother in the goal - and he loved it! He was the BEST goalie!

O, my legs!... my whole body now hurts... even though I have the pleasure of recollecting scoring some goals, I had to withdraw from the game a bit earlier - 3hrs of playing football was enough for me! But others were just getting started - especially the young ones have lots of energy! Even while we were having a 10mins break they were still running around and kicking the ball... Praise the Lord, it's good to be with the brothers! It's good to play football together and learn to coordinate, play, and even learn their names(since we were approx. 16-18 of us) and where they are from, what they study, what they like....

Praise the Lord - we can be blended together in the Body! Also, praise the Lord - we are exposed when being with the saints! We think and are fully convinced many times that everything is OK about us - but when you're put in practical situations, or in this case a football game, with others, you realize that we're not fine! We are not OK! How much we need the perfecting, we need the training, and we need the Lord! I need the Lord! I need the Lord in my behavior, my attitude, my speaking, my demeanor, and in my whole being! I want to be saturated with the Lord more - to the extent that "it is no longer I who lives but Christ lives in me!"...


  1. Amen, how we need the Lord's perfecting. Many brothers in the FTTA would agree that sports are a test of one's ability to stay in the spirit.

  2. yes.... love playing basketball, football, ultimate frisbee, even American football - as long as you're with the brother! And you're right, though it's nice outwardly to be with the brothers, it's also very exposing - it's a test! Lord, even in these activities, keep bringing us back to our spirit!

    [especially if one is competitive / wants to win, then... O Lord!]


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