Friday, 2 September 2011

Baptizing a Brother into the Triune God - One Meaningful Thing I Did Today (30-day challenge)

Wow, it's almost midnight, and I just got home from the wonderful home meeting with the saints in East London's place! The best thing to do on a Friday night after a full week, in spite of your tiredness, is to get yourself into a home of the saints and just BE there! When your body is presented as a living sacrifice for the church life (Rom. 12:1), you will get the benefit of being revived, refreshed, renewed in your mind, supplied in your whole being, strengthened into your inner man, and filled with life! I mean, how can one still be tired and down when all the saints enjoy the Lord while singing,
So why not open up and call His name, O Lord! / Find your spirit where His grace has been outpoured! Call His name / Taste His grace / Exercise before His face! / He's longing and yearning, / He's hoping and waiting / He's ever desiring / For you to turn to Him!
HE KNOWS your deepest thought - your every situation! He understands your heart, He knows your history! Wow, there's nothing in His way - He's just waiting for you to say, Lord Jesus, My wondering heart I give to You! Once we open, we give our heart to Him, He comes in and makes His home in our heart - He strengthens us with power through His Spirit into our inner man! And so here it is,

One Meaningful Thing I Did Today - Baptizing a Brother into the Triune God!

Baptism - in the Poland camp 2011
I have never met this brother, but the Lord in His sovereignty has arranged that a brother who is now in the hospital would have a friend, and this friend of his wants to receive the Lord and be baptized! I don't know how the Lord does it, but He's definitely the best at being God and arranging everything for His economy! So this new brother came to our home meeting tonight and we knew, He Wants To Receive the Lord and Be Baptized! So we just enjoyed the Lord, spoke the gospel, called on the name of the Lord together, and put our brother into the water!

To be saved is so simple - you just need to call on the name of the Lord! This person that I have never ever met, through believing into the Lord, became my brother in the Lord IN AN INSTANT! Regeneration is instantaneous! Then, as the Bible clearly says, "He who believes and is baptized shall be saved"(Mark 16:16), we took our brother and we put him into the Triune God! We baptized him into Christ, into the Body of Christ, into the death of Christ, and into God Himself! It is such a privilege to be there, where the Lord receives an offering, a real sacrifice, a saved sinner through grace who gives himself and his whole being, his whole life, and his future to the Lord!

What a wonderful decision - to believe into the Lord and to be baptized! To cut off the past, renounce the old man, by publicly declaring that you love the Lord and you want to follow Him from now on! Into the water goes the old man, and he stays there; out of the water comes a new man, a new brother, in the newness of life! I am continually amazed at this simple yet wonderful principle of the divine life - it is real, it happens before our eyes, and we're in it by being in the church life! When we heard that this brother wants to get baptized, another sister ALSO got baptized - a new beginning, a river-crossing, a leaving back all the doctrines and forms, everything of the old, and being brought into the newness of the Body of Christ!

You've gotta love the church life! You've gotta love the Lord! You go to the meeting sooo tired, barely making it there, and you are strengthened within by your singing, opening, fellowshipping, calling, praying... by your inward turning to the Lord! And then, after you're brought to your mingled spirit, you never know what happens next - all you know is that you're one with the Lord, and you're watching Him doing it all in you, for you, and even as you! What a way to have the "real party" on Friday night! Praise the Lord for the church life - filled with babes and sucklings, those who learn through lots of mistakes and failures to Praise The Lord! Praise the Lord for bringing us into His Kingdom! [this article is STILL being edited...]

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