Thursday, 1 September 2011

Being Supportive Without Being Noticed - One Meaningful Thing I Did Today (30-day challenge)

We all need support and a friendly advice. Some need this more than others, while some seem like they don't need anyone or anything - they are "all-inclusive" and they "know everything". Apparently I am the second kind of person, at least that's what hits the eye when one meets me / sees me. But within, just like everyone else, "I am NOT OK"! Here in the UK everyone asks you, instead of "How are you?" - "Y'alright? Y'alright?" In the beginning I would say like the rest, I'm fine, thanks... but then I realized - nah, I'm not fine at all! Funny thing though, sometimes I would answer them, NO, I'm NOT OK... and they would nod... [obviously, not even listening!]

This doesn't mean I have major problems or some issues(which I do, just like everyone else), but this means that we as human beings are NOT OK - we need help! We need the help of our parents when we grow up, the help of our teachers in school, the help of our friends(and sometimes this help is "not very helpful"), the help of our professors and teachers in university, the help of our family in need and at any point in life, the help of our workmates at work, etc - no matter how much we give the impression that we are OK, we actually are the product of being helped a lot by many many people in our life! Which brings me to,

One Meaningful Thing I Did Today - Being Supportive Without Being Noticed

Maybe I started a bit too dramatically than the principle and the "thing I did today", but even at work we need to help one another - and in the church life it is the same. Somehow we need to shepherd one another in a way that is not "obvious" or "to be applauded", but in an organic way and even "being supportive without being noticed". Things may be piled up on you - you have a lot of things to do, but someone comes and demands your immediate attention to help him. What do you do then? Do you care for "the many things to do", or do you care for the person? Most times I just "go right ahead as a steaming train" and "do my thing", but sometimes it's better to STOP and HELP / SUPPORT someone...

There's no incident or a particular event of today that I am referring to, but I realized it's all about the PEOPLE and not about the THINGS you do. At work, in the family life, in the church life, wherever we are - we need to care for people! And having a being that is open to them and available to them, caring more for people than for what you think you need to do or something that HAS to happen... that is noble and also much needed! I'm NOT that kind of a person, but there are situations, even pressing environments or surroundings, where the test comes and exposes me of my lack + brings me to pray,
O Lord, WHY? Why am I like that? Is it my disposition? I'm always right, I always judge others, and I always criticize others! Why don't I rather help or shepherd others - instead of having this "attitude"? O Lord.... Work Yourself into me to such an extent that You will live the God-man life on earth IN ME!
There was One Person that was like this - He did not live for Himself, He did not speak His own words, He did not do His own work, He did not seek His own glory, and He did not express Himself. This One expressed the Father by being one with the Father. Because He was always listening to the Father, the Lord Jesus also listened to the people and could meet their real need. Some people would come to Him with questions to ensnare Him, but He would answer in such a way that would show them that what they need is not "a doctrinal answer" but "a living Person who can save them". Some people were physically sick, but the Lord would not just heal their body but also their soul and their spirit.

Being right does not satisfy, and doing all things right / "according to the book" does not fully approve one before man or God. What really satisfies both man and God is the living of the God-man Jesus to be reproduced in the 21st century in many believers who express Him corporately as the Body of Christ! Only by allowing Christ to live in us can we support others, help others, in a way that it's almost un-noticed. The Lord ministered to people and then when they would try to crown Him as King, He would disappear / leave! I want to learn from Him by enjoying Him until He lives in me the same life He lived on earth 2k years ago - the life that pleased the Father!

... I thank the Lord for my workmates, for my family, for the people I know, for the saints in the church life, and for everyone that somehow the Lord brought in my life. They mostly did one thing towards me - showing me what I really am and exposing me of what I am not. I'm not supportive, I am not helpful towards others, and I can't do things that will not bring me appreciation from others. All the characteristics of the Lord which were aromatic, expressing the bountiful God - this is what I am not. But Lord, little by little, stitch by stitch, work Yourself into me / into us until we become Your duplication - Your increase and Your extension on the earth today!

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