Monday, 12 September 2011

We are Those Who Knock On Doors - One Meaningful Thing I did Today (30-day challenge)

Busy day, Monday. At work we have a huge backlog from the weekend, while at the same time the responsibilities increase with requests, emails, issues, payments, calls... In a large company, I suppose, there's lots of boring and regular / routine stuff happening, but not in a medium size or a small company... or in a company that's continually developing, evolving, and being revolutionized by the internet sales and internet development! Anyways, enough about work ;) what I really enjoyed today and what touched me was the fact that,

Realizing that We are Those who Knock on Doors - One Meaningful Thing I Did Today

We had the brothers' meeting tonight and we enjoyed the fact that the Triune God didn't "talk to us from the heavens, trying to get us all perfect and holy that we may join Him up there", but rather God came to "knock on our door". The Triune God is the First One who went door-knocking by becoming a man, becoming what we are, coming to our door... that He may come in! In incarnation He came to us, right where we are, to be with us and knock on the door of our heart - not by forcing us or threatening us, but by loving us!

Even now after we received the Lord, He is still knocking on our door - He's at the door of our heart, wanting to come into every part of our heart and take over, make His home there in our heart(Eph. 3:16-18). When the Lord comes in, He makes His home in our heart and makes our heart His home. And then He starts re-decorating, re-arranging, and re-modelling everything in us because He wants to feel at home in us! That's why we are going through a process of transformation - so that we may be a suitable and delightful home for our Lord Jesus!

The result of the Lord making His home in our heart, as we open the doors to every part of our inner being, is that He makes us the same as He is! He is the One who comes to knock on our door - and we are made the same as He is! We are those who go to knock on people's doors - sometimes we do it physically by going out door-knocking to seek out the hungry and thirsty sinners, and other times we go to visit the saints and the new ones to bring God to them! This is so wonderful - we become Christ's duplication and reproduction!

I have never seen this before - the fact that the Triune God comes to us "door-knocking" and we go to people "door-knocking"! When we approach people on the street to ask them if they know the Lord Jesus, we start knocking at the door of their hearts. Actually, it is the Triune God in us knocking on the door of others' hearts through us. That's why the Lord Jesus said that we shouldn't worry what to say, because the heavenly Father will speak in us! All we need to do is present ourselves and give ourselves to the Lord - make ourselves available to Him!

So today the Lord sends us out two by two to go and preach the gospel, and the way we want to take is by knocking on doors! I have done this before together with the saints in several cities and even several countries, and it is a challenging and exciting thing to do - going out with the saints on the gospel by knocking on doors! Hallelujah, we can go out one with the Lord and one with one another in the Body of Christ, having the Triune God going in us and through us to visit people in their homes! ... - this is what I was impressed with the most, and something I'm praying for to see more - see what's on God's heart about door-knocking...

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