Sunday, 11 September 2011

when the righteous do nothing, the evil men are thriving - One Meaningful Thing I Did Today (30-day challenge)

I'm NOT trying to sound cheesy or poetic, but today there were some things that shocked me as I walked about through London. I started from Hyde Park and ended up - without me necessarily wanting this - at the American Embassy in London. Such a nice and sunny day today - a good day for people to put out their ideas at the Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park. All kinds of ideas, some reading their thesis on some abstract matter, an older lady shouting out the gospel and warning people of the coming hell, a guy dressed in the USA flag colours preaching the gospel and arguing with people... - a typical day out at the Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park.

I came to the conclusion that the whole Marble Arch / Edgeware Road area in Central London is inhabited predominantly by Arab people, and the stores there are mostly with lebanese food, kebabs, etc. Many people visit that area, and sometimes we also eat out there. Today is the 10years remembrance of the 9/11/01, and all the news presented some nice documentaries, interviews, the president speaking, the ex-president speaking, etc. What I was shocked though as I was walking in this area of London is this principle,

One Meaningful Thing I Did Today - When the Righteous Men Do Nothing, the Evil Men Are Thriving

UK is a free country, you can demonstrate about anything, there's total freedom of speech. There have been more than 500K people out in the streets to demonstrate for some salary cuts / the rising of the students fees and NOTHING has been done(in the sense that the government didn't change anything). So today there was a Muslim Extremists demonstration of almost 60-100 people walking on the streets all the way until the US Embassy, with all kinds of slogans against Christians, against the USA, and against everyone! "Shariah for America", "Islam at war with America", "Islam will illuminate the world", "Jihad against Christian Extremists", "Ummah of Jihad", "Muslims will destroy the crusade", etc - carried by Muslim people(some of them wearing face masks).

I asked one of the policemen - yes, the police was protecting and guarding the protests, with cars and personnel - about it and he seemed OK with the fact that "we all have something to protest against these days, right?". I was wondering - WHERE are the British people, the ones who stand with the USA or maybe who commemorate these events? I made it all the way to the US Embassy and I was shocked again - the Islam extremists were very vocal and shouting, filming, chanting (almost 100 now), while the English Defence League (that's how they were called) gave up in max. 30mins and kind of dispersed around... Later I found out they were looking for trouble, and some of them were held to the wall and taken details of by the police later...

Anyways, what I realized is that in the UK there's so much freedom that everyone can protest or demonstrate for something, BUT when it comes to God or preaching the gospel, people would resist, reject, and not be happy about it. They would rather be OK with people who say it up front: "Muslims Will Destroy the Crusade" and "Islam will illuminate the world" - giving them all the rights to speak, but THERE IS NO ONE WHO STANDS FOR GOD! It's almost as the Bible says, There is No One Righteous - not even one! This doesn't mean that someone needs to get a group of radical Christians and start demonstrating... We clearly see that the reality behind the scene in the UK/Western World is that there's a strong lack of consecrated young men who stand for the Lord!

It's not that there are no Christians in this country - but you can almost say that "they do nothing" - there's no clear shining of God in them, there's no repelling of darkness in this country - and in the West European Countries. The enemy is OK with that - as long as the church doesn't pray in oneness for the Lord to bind the enemy and cast him out, the church can exist! Satan will bring about all kinds of pollution, confusion, religions, etc - to dilute the pure and clear Christianity. There's real confusion when it comes to "what is a Christian", but everyone knows exactly what a Muslim or a Buddhist is and what they intend to do.

This country - Great Britain, the United Kingdom - has sent out more missionaries in more "pagan countries" in the world than any other country! The gospel was preached by English missionaries like Hudson Taylor, the Cambridge Seven, David Livingstone, William Carey, George Muller, and hundreds of others - consecrated young ones who abandoned their future and went to foreign countries to preach the gospel and even die for the Lord. They were bright young men and women who had everything they wanted, but they were burning for the Lord, they were on fire for the gospel, and they were zealous with the zeal of God for the people to be saved. WHERE are this kind of people today? This is what I realized and I was praying as I was walking through London today,
Lord, Where are Your Young Men in England and In Western Europe, Your Consecrated Ones? Where is the generation that will bring You back? 
I was almost crying when I was praying like this. I eventually found where the British people were - several thousands of them were standing for the whole day in a long queue / line to get into the BBC Radio Party in Hyde Park. What the people today want is entertainment, fun, pleasures - but WHERE are those who meet God's need? Before the Antichrist comes, the Lord needs to get a group of young ones who meet His need, some who stand for Him and enjoy Him for His return! Lord, where are these people today in England and in all the Western European Countries?

When the righteous men / the God-men do nothing, the evil men will thrive. I don't know what else to say. In these last days the love of many grows cold(Matt. 24:12), there are so many things in the world that people would give their life for(by working long hours to get them and then being usurped by them), but the Lord has a need - He needs His overcomers among the young ones today! Lord, make me an overcomer! If today - if right now - we don't live a consecrated life towards the Lord, we cannot lie to ourselves that we will do this when the Lord returns! The signs of His return are clear - the world history and the political scene can be changed by the Lord very quickly.... the only thing He is waiting for is the Dispensational Instrument - the young men who are consecrated to Him who know His heart and live a life according to His purpose!
Your people will offer themselves willingly In the day of Your warfare, In the splendor of their consecration. Your young men will be to You Like the dew from the womb of the dawn.... He will drink from the brook by the way; Therefore He will lift up His head. (Psa 110:3, 7)
It's time for the Lord to return and - more specifically - it's time for the Lord to return and bless the Western European countries with the gift of repentance and a burning love for the Lord. It's time to pray desperately for the situation in Europe - that the Lord would unveil and prepare many young ones - many Samuels and Daniels - who would be the firstfruits, the ripe ones, even the manchild who will defeat the enemy! They are not drugged with what the world has to offer to them, but they drink of the guileless milk of the Word(1 Pet. 2:2)! They give themselves to the Lord for His desire, to be His living testimony on the earth!
Lord, return to Europe! Before Antichrist comes, Lord, gain a dispensational instrument! Wake up a generation of young ones to return to You and be one with You! Lord, England! Lord, Scotland! O, Lord, Ireland! Lord Jesus, Germany! O, Lord, Switzerland! Lord, France! O, Lord, Italy! Lord Jesus, Spain! O, Lord, Portugal! Lord, what about Greece! Lord, Austria! Lord, Czeck Republic! Lord, Monaco / Luxembourg / Malta! Lord, Sweden! Lord Jesus, Norway! O, Lord, Holland! Lord, the Netherlands! Lord Jesus, Belgium! Lord, what about Denmark! O, Lord Jesus - Western Europe! Lord, Start With us! Make us those who meet Your need - the Nazarites!


  1. September 11, 2001 was a wake up call for me. I was driving to work, bright and early. And as I was listening to the radio, there was no music, just news, news, news, and being as it was only a ten minute drive, I didn't quite capture what all the hullabaloo was about. Upon arriving, I found all the others ignoring our normal morning routine, gathered, listening intently to the radio.

    "A plane flew into the World Trade Center, they don't know why. They think it might be a terrorist act."

    As we continued to listen, a second plane hit the second tower.

    We forgot about work, headed over to the lounge, already teeming with everyone else who had left their reserach to watch the horror continue to unfold. We watched the towers collapse, again and again, and again. All day long, on every tv channel we watched the second plane hit, we watched the towers collapse, and the pain that was over 3,000 miles away pierced us all to our very soul.

    Thousands of people died, thousands more injured, hundreds of thousands more left emotionally, tragically hurting, and an entire country left scarred forevermore. "We shall never forget."

  2. Eventually, the acts of 9/11, were deemed to be terrorists acts. And those who perpetrated them declared "Jihad" on the USA. A holy war. "HOLY?" These are the types of acts that are associated with God. Not just on the side of the terrorists, but yes, even the retribution for those acts. And even before these tragic events, all of human history is laced with such things defaming and slandering God. What about the inquisition?

    I second your feeling, brother. What we need today are not those who would rise up to clash with and protest against these muslim extremists, but actually those who would be a true representation of the God we have.

    These ones whom you have mentioned, who brought the knowledge of God, these were not violent protesters, they were not revolutionaries, they were not incendiaries hell-bent on condemning the world if they did not convert, no, they were the incarnation of the most famous bible verse: For God so loved the world...They were the practical reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

    He was not radical revolutionary. He was not a wildman, bringing down fire and brimstone upon those who did not follow Him. But He lived a relatively innocuous life wherein He expressed all the divine attributes of love, light, holiness and righteousness through His human virtues.

  3. And where is there such a group of people? Is it in ritualistic Judaism? So concerned with forms and teachings? Is it in explosive Islam? Whose extremists have caused harm and pain to thousands upon thousands even to their own people? Is it in degraded Christianity? Devoid of life, devoid of power, devoid of influence, completely married to the world?

    Oh Lord! This was the realization I had on that day ten years ago.

    And now on the ten year anniversary of this event, I see how the world has changed, how the world situation continues to unravel. We see so many upheavals, wars, tragedies, crises...things are changing. The great wheel of God's move is moving upon the earth, but He needs a group of people who would be an accurate, complete, full representation of what He is. A group of people who would stand with Him, to give Him the ground to return to bring peace to the earth.

    May we give ourselves to be these people.

  4. This is very true Stefan. The world is blinded by the usurpation of Satan and everybody's mind and heart is clouded by their OWN opinions and beliefs. They didn't care for God's economy at all but themselves and what they're fighting for.

    As new testament believers, we should have a burden to gospelize these people. May the Lord shepherd us more so we can shepherd others.

    As what Raizza shared - raise up some to meet Your need, some Nazarites, Prophets, priests, & judges, & men of prayer,speaking forth Your word with Your authority.

    Lord, give us all the experiences that we need to grow in life and for Thee to come back!

  5. This is so true. We've given up rather we accept that this is the way of the world and do nothing.


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