Friday, 16 September 2011

year 7 conference in Coventry - One Meaningful Thing I Did Today (30-day challenge)

It's actually, One Meaningful Thing I'm About to Do today :) since the conference starts tomorrow morning. As I was saying yesterday at the end of the article, I need to finish this 30day challenge with the "One Meaningful Thing I Did Today" here - and so I'm taking the weekend off :) to spend time with the saints and the young people.... There's a year 7 young people's conference I'm going to for the weekend - so excited and happy about it! :) But I'm still considering what challenge should I start on Monday September the 19th... As for today, here it is:

Year 7 Conference in Coventry - One Meaningful Thing I Did Today

Not sure if YOU were raised up in a Christian family, or a family of seeking believers, but when someone grows up in such an environment he / she is very blessed! Just imagine: your whole life as you grow up you're surrounded by God-men, people who love God, those who are being transformed daily, people who enjoy God! I still remember how many of the other believers we met with when I was young took care of me, helped me, were really interested in me, and they were so happy to see me! I was growing up in the saints' homes, they visited our home, we were together... - such a blessing!

In such an environment you grow up loving the Lord, knowing the Lord, singing, reading the Bible... - but it is quite difficult to know One Particular Point in your life when YOU GOT SAVED. Some people do remember such a time, others remember the time the Lord touched them and they got baptized - but me, together with so many others, I don't remember "when I was saved"! Of course, I WAS SAVED, and I AM SAVED, but there wasn't a specific time in my life - that I remember - that I took this decision... Well, the same happens with many children and young people today, and so we are very burdened to SOLIDIFY THEIR SALVATION, to make sure they are saved!

To be saved is simple - you repent and believe into the Lord! Whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved(Rom. 10:13)! So this weekend we have a small conference dedicated to the young people in school year 7 who are open and ready to receive the gospel! As I was sharing yesterday, we are praying so much for this time! We are praying that the Lord would have a way to expose the world, expose Satan, the Satanic scheme and his usurpation, the slavery in Egypt under Pharaoh... and strengthen the young ones to choose the Lord! Pray for us in this time - we need the prayers of all the Body!

For the Lord to return, He needs a generation of young people who are absolute for Him, those who are the voluntary consecrated ones, the Nazarites of today! David defeated Goliath when he was 13 years old - therefore, there's no limit to the age: you can't say, "You're too young...". As soon as someone is conscious of being a sinner, conscious of God's salvation and His way of redemption, he can repent and believe into the Lord! We pray for these ones - who know their God and have resolutions of heart! Lord, gain these ones even this weekend! Gain some young ones all over the earth to meet Your need!


I am looking forward to your comments - what do you think the next challenge should be? Leave me your thoughts... [most probable: one picture of London and some description + one thing about the Lord I enjoyed today! - but I want to hear what YOU think...]

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