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even though you're busy, you get really, really hungry! - 1 Pic + 1 Experience with the Lord(30-day challenge)

:) A new challenge! At least as far as I see it now, I think it will be something like, 1 Pic + 1 Experience with the Lord today... Since I'm in London, I was thinking to put one picture from London on the blog and say something about it, then share something from what I enjoyed today... I have received a lot of feedback concerning the previous challenge, One Meaningful Thing I Did Today - and it looks like it is very encouraging to find out about our experience with the Lord! O Lord Jesus.... So without further delay, here it is:

Even Though You're Busy, You Get Really, Really Hungry! - 1 Pic + 1 Experience with the Lord Today

This is Archway, close to where I live and work. At 6pm, everyone is running - literally running - to the bus, from the bus, from the office, towards home... you have to dodge people on the street, make sure you don't hinder other busy running people, the people coming off the bus or getting on the bus or running after the bus.... To the Left is the Archway Tower, and straight ahead there's Office Spaces :) and all kinds of companies renting it. Right behind that building is the Archway Leisure Centre(where I go to the gym :) almost every day) And there's Bus 43 :) which goes all the way from High Barnet to London Bridge.

Mondays are usually busy days - lots of things piling up from the weekend, there's a new week in which we need to take care of the urgent and important things, etc. At work is even busier these days - lots of orders, lots of enquiries, people calling to check the stock and more info, others checking what's going on with their orders, etc... It's fun, you can have a decent conversation with many of the people who call. I love doing some customer care from time to time :)

And then there's the daily routine - every day there are some things that you HAVE to do, and specifically on every day of the week there are some things that you know you need to do. Today - Monday - I was so busy that today I almost forgot it's time to take a lunch break! And when I came back from my lunch break - after eating some physical food :) and praying with a brother... - I was so busy that only after 5.20pm I realized, Maybe it's time to go home... - there are so many things that keep you busy that 24h in the day are not enough!

Even though I was so busy today that I almost had no time to take a break, at the end of the day I got hungry - not hungry physically, but I got hungry spiritually! You know, with all the things you do, the things you accumulate, you take care of, or even the things you achieve - they never satisfy you or fill you inward hunger! Things may go well, or things may not go so well - in both cases, you never are satisfied... Even while doing something good, something noble, commendable - achievements or success, failure or distress, nothing satisfies your inner thirst and hunger!

I got so hungry that I knew - I had to get into the Word of God! I had to read the Bible! After a whole day of reading, writing, speaking, etc - I need to eat the Lord! And not only a little bit - but I need to seriously have some "big dinner" of Christ! A "steak of Christ", a solid portion of Christ... So I went to the gym and I got to go through John 4-6 (long chapters, filled with life and Spirit!). Also, I got to listen to almost the entire message 6 from the Crystallization-Study of Psalms(1) on The Organic Shepherding of the Pneumatic Christ. Such a supply to hear again that Psalm 23 is according to God's economy: Christ in His ascension is shepherding us and taking good care of our inner being that we may grow in life, be living and functioning members of the Body, and accomplish God's economy!

It is so good to EAT when you're really really HUNGRY! Just like my previous experience with drinking the real water (and not going for Pepsi) - when you're hungry, don't eat fast food, junk food, ready made food, or all kinds of food that doesn't fill your hunger! Eat the Word of God! And as you're eating, drink of the Lord Jesus by calling and saying AMEN, LORD! It is very good to learn to EAT when you're hungry - eat the Word, eat the Lord in the ministry which opens up the Word of God, learn to turn your heart to the Lord... - and whatever we eat, that's what we become!

Hallelujah, Eating Jesus is the Way!

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  1. Amen! That's the only way:Eating Jesus! Oh eating the processed and consummated Triune God!Thank you for sharing your enjoyment, dear brother!


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