Friday, 19 August 2011

30-day challenge, One Meaningful Thing I Did Today, from tomorrow onward!

I've been thinking about it a lot, as a small project - a 30-day challenge, one thing you do every day that you record on and update your blog about, and you keep on doing it every day for the 30 day period(inspired also by Matt Cutts)! What are the things that you would LOVE to do, but you never somehow find time to do them? Some people like taking pictures - and so do I :) - others like travelling, exploring, etc - and you NEVER find time to do them! But there's a 30 day period that you can set aside as a beginning - to do what you would like to do, one single thing, and only for 30 days!

So I'd like to start this 30-day challenge with one good topic: One Meaningful Thing I Did Today! We do a lot of things every day, starting from waking up in the morning ON TIME, and sometimes even earlier, brushing our teeth, showering, personal hygiene, dressing, cleaning, eating breakfast, travelling to work or school, doing our daily duties, have interactions with people(customers, friends, bosses, managers, co-workers, parents, family, siblings, etc), come back home, do our daily chores, meet people, etc. There are so many routine things we do - we are people of habit, and we feel at ease when we do a certain thing that we always do. We also like to do something new - but not for a very long time, unless we work on it to become a habit.
In all these things we do every day, we want to have a meaning, something that gives us a purpose, a sense... and sometimes even the small things we do become meaningful....
So here I am, wanting to daily recount ONE MEANINGFUL THING I DID TODAY for the next 30 days, starting from Tomorrow, the 20th of August 2011! I hope I can keep it up, and I hope it will work out... I'll see how it works out. Of course, I'm also considering projects like,
  • one picture of the nature every day!
  • reading 10 chapters from the Bible every day for 30 days, consistently;
  • one picture of fast food stores in London / buildings in London;
  • read one chapter of a book per day for 30 days;
  • read one life-study message per day for 30 days;
  • run every morning for 25mins for 30 days;
  • 30 days with no fizzy drinks;
  • 20 mins every day to learn a new language for 30 days;
  • being thankful for one thing for 30 days;
  • reviewing one website / one blog every day for 30 days;
  • sharing one personal experience I had of the Lord every day for 30 days;
  • one prayer per day at unceasinglypray website;
and many other things to do as a challenge! Of course, if you have a suggestion for a challenge (don't even THINK about saying "no facebook for 30 days!"), let me know :)

It all starts Tomorrow - One Meaningful Thing I Did Today :)

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  1. And at the end of your 30 days, we'll ask.. Did it work this year?


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