Saturday, 20 August 2011

One Meaningful Thing Today: Fellowship and .... Walk! (30-day challenge)

I never thought it would be THAT hard to find ONE thing that is meaningful today, as part of the 30-day challenge.... I've been doing lots of things, as usual, and also thinking, Lord, which one of these things are "the most meaningful?" But I realized, this challenge is not "the MOST meaningful thing I did today", but simply, "ONE meaningful thing I did today). So the thing for today is actually two things, one spiritual and another human / natural.
One meaningful thing I did today - Spiritually -
Fellowship with the brothers!
Throughout the week tiredness is accumulated and towards the end of the week.... you get tired! As much as I would like to even attend some meetings, my body says, GET SOME REST! So today, after work(yes, I work on Saturdays at SparksDirect until 2pm), even though we had the brothers' meeting, I decided I need to get some rest... But I kept the door open, if the brothers would allow me, I can join them via skype and fellowship / pray! Even though I was so tired - I was literally laying in bed.... as soon as I got the "let's do this" response, I joined the fellowship. From here on my experience is similar to most of our experiences once we simply say, Amen, Lord! to His leading to go to the meeting - I got vitalized, refreshed, renewed, and even rested! We fellowshipped, we prayed, we fellowshipped again, we read some portions and shared some more... for almost 1.5h I felt so energized, so renewed.... There's something about the divine life, once you turn to your spirit and touch the Lord, the entire being is filled with life! The mind is life(Rom. 8:6), and even the body is filled with life! .... after that fellowship with the brothers, though I wasn't physically present at the meeting but in spirit I was there, I couldn't be in bed anymore, so I ....
One Meaningful Thing I did today - Human / Natural -
I took a nice walk!
I have to admit, I'm still learning how to have some refreshing and not-too-tiring activities, so today after the Skype call with the brothers I just went out for a walk! What a lovely evening! The sun was going down, the light was dimming, the birds were singing, the trees were green, there were so many parks, the people were smiling, the traffic was light.... and everything was so good! I love walking around and looking at the trees, the houses, the flowers, the gardens, the parks, the streets, the ups-and-downs of a street, the buildings, the bus stops, etc. I just took a walk for almost 1.5hrs in the fresh cool evening air, and I was refreshed not just spiritually but also physically! I did my best to not listen to any music or message, no podcast or any other thing... just listen to London, listen to Archway and Highgate, and observe... :) I loved it. I never knew -even though I worked and partly lived around this area - that there are so many other interesting places, buildings, parks, green spaces, streets with nice houses, etc.... And for some reason, as I was walking around, there was a song that came to me, something like, "Don't give me a second-hand Savior / Let me taste Him first time!" - I love the Lord and I want to know Him and experience Him personally, first hand!

.... Conclusion... Thank You Lord! I give this "30-day challenge" to You! Lord, a normal believer in Christ, a God-man, even Jesusly human... I want to learn and be open to this!

Some pics from the walk I took today - coming soon :)

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