Sunday, 21 August 2011

One Meaningful Thing Today: The Most Important Thing In the Week, the LTM! (30-day challenge)

Today it is Sunday, also called the Lord's day, and there are many things I enjoyed doing / seeing / eating / being in... Many things I did today are meaningful and, sorry to say, there were some things, some words, some attitudes, and some thoughts that were not so meaningful - rather, when I think about them, it was a waste of time. What is time? How can you say some things are more meaningful than others? Well... coming back to the One Meaningful Thing I did today - and I think that both I'm happy, God is happy, and all the believers in the world are happy with it, is....

One Meaningful Thing I did Today - The Most Important Thing in the Week, being at the Lord's Table Meeting!

This doesn't mean that I missed the Table Meeting for a while, it just means that I had a renewed appreciation for the Lord's Table Meeting. Every Lord's Day, the first day of the week, the believers get together into the Lord's name to remember Him - the Lord fulfilled the Passover and replaced it with the new feast, the Lord's Supper, the Lord's Table meeting(Matt. 26:26-30). We can be those who weekly attend the Table Meeting and just "be there", or we can be active participants, giving our best cooperation to the Lord to enjoy Him at the feast! The Lord Jesus Himself instituted His supper and it is one of the only things He told us to keep after He departs - even until He comes!

The Lord's Table meeting testifies to God, to the heavens, to the earth, and to Satan and all his angels - to the entire universe, that,

  • Christ has been our enjoyment throughout the week - we have labored on Christ as the good land, we have enjoyed Him as the rich produce, and now we come together to feast on Him - both individually and even more corporately, in the portion of Christ in each believer!
  • We are One Body in Christ! There is one Body in the universe, and we express it here on earth! We stand as one with all the believers in each locality - for the whole universe to see!
  • We eat and drink of the Lord until He comes - we want to hasten His return, bring Him back... we will eat and drink of this bread and cup until the Lord comes! 
  • Christ has died for us and has been raised - so that He may be our life, our constitution, our daily supply, and even replace us organically that He may live in us and we may live Him out!
  • The Lord is satisfied and we are satisfied - this table is so enjoyable, to man is so accessible, and to God is so satisfying! Here man and God meet and man enjoys God while God enjoys man!
I am praying every Lord's Day that the Lord would uplift my appreciation of the Table Meeting - I don't want the enemy to spoil the significance of what we weekly celebrate in the Lord's presence! I love getting together with the saints in the locality where I am - whether in Bucharest, London, Timisoara, Deva, Cambridge, Reading, Romford, Charlotte NC, Raleigh NC, New York City, Warsaw, etc - and enjoy the Lord together at the Lord's Table Meeting! This is the most meaningful thing that I, as a human being on earth, can do on Sunday / the Lord's Day!

Note: there is NO OTHER THING I consider that I could have done more meaningful and better than this. It is a privilege to be at the Lord's Table Meeting on the Lord's Day, to meet the King of Kings, praise the Lord of Lords, and enjoy the God of the Universe who now is our Father! Yes, there are other things, more human and practical, more tangible and outward, but this Lord's Day this is it - this is the MOST meaningful thing today!

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