Saturday, 27 August 2011

Updating My Phone Contacts - One Meaningful Thing I Did Today (30-days challenge)

This was not a one-day job - during this past week I've been working on my phone contacts database, and I have never realized that it is such a headache to obtain a clean list of people I know, talk to, and am related to! In this age when "everything is online" and worse, "it's all on facebook" or on Skype, I am wondering, Why Would People Still Have A Contacts Database? We accumulate knowledge, and we also increase the number of people we know, we meet, we interact with, etc... Every year, more people come into our life while some leave the scene...

As a disclaimer, this particular thing I'm talking about is NOT the main thing / the only meaningful thing I did today. I have to admit we had a wonderful fellowship with the brothers(remember - last week at this time), especially getting into the ONE THING that the Bible emphasizes - God's New Testament Economy. If we emphasize or teach any other doctrine / truth / matter in the Bible, without taking care of and having the focus on God's NT Economy, we can bring others into confusion and what we speak may not be for the building up of the Body! So somehow I want that even this little article would be for God's Building..... Here's the,

One Meaningful Thing I Did Today -
Updating My Phone Contacts

There used to be a time when I had all my contacts in a nice diary with bookmarks, letter dividers, and it was a beauty to go through the well-kept-and-updated phone list I had. Then, the mobile phones came along - but I still kept the diary, only this time the list increased.... then there were people I met online and I didn't have their phone number, so there was an online contacts database... Eventually, we come to the age of smartphones which synchronize the contacts list with the gmail address in the cloud, so that no matter what happens with the phone, the contacts remain "in the cloud"....

I took my beloved HTC HD2 to the Poland Camp this year and I took a lot of pictures - it served me well. It rained the whole week, but this large touch-screen phone with 5MP HD camera worked all the way until the last day, when we were about to get on the bus and come back home! The touch screen simply died - it refused to work. When I got back to the UK, I tried to "dry it up", fix it up, push this or that... and eventually I gave up. When I returned to the O2 Customer Service, they said that it will cost me £106 to fix it - they have to change the screen... No sir, can't do that...

Anyways, to make the long story short, with the new phone I got - an iPhone 4 - I had to update my contacts! With the HTC HD2 you couldn't sync your contacts with your gmail account, so I lost a lot of contacts... and whenever I met people and saints I would ask them for their number. Sync the phone with the gmail contacts, delete contacts, update details... so many people I know or used to know - now moved away! Some moved to the USA, others to Taiwan, Germany, Romania, China, Malaysia, Australia, New Zeeland, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, etc....

Wow... Time flies, people move, things change. People you used to know and you would think that they would be around forever move away, others change their details, others move in different parts of the city / country, others simply "get lost" and you lose touch with them... But as I was going through the list of contacts in the gmail and on the phone, I had a small prayer for each one. WHY DO WE KNOW PEOPLE? Have you ever wondered - why do we meet people, why do we get to know people, and how do we relate to people? Why do we call people? Why do we have their mobile number / email addresses in our contact list?

I can tell you one answer, something I discovered and I'm doing my best to practice - yes, you need to know others humanly, be related to them, coordinate, hang out, talk, chat, etc... but most importantly, you can PRAY for them! Bring them before the Lord. Just mention their name to the Lord. And then there's something in you from the Lord - maybe He wants you to text someone a verse, or a paragraph / prayer you enjoyed. Or maybe you get some young ones out for dinner and fellowship, hang out, or just chill.... I realize that,
The contacts we have on our list and the people we know were entrusted to us by God that we may minister Christ to them! Don't miss the opportunity - pray for each one! Mention their name before the Lord! And listen to the Lord within when He speaks / gives you a feeling about them!

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