Thursday, 29 September 2011

Roadworks everywhere, we are under construction (1 picture + 1experience with the Lord) 30 days challenge

Well, it looks like I gave no broadband access again, so I will have to go ahead and post via mobile, and then tomorrow I will edit the article and then put some more links and do some more formatting. I probably need to get into the habit of writing a bit earlier on the blog, not that close to the midnight... Lord Jesus, my habits! I'm definitely a work in progress - and I hope there's a progress; I hope the Lord is going on in me and in us...

1 picture today - Roadworks Everywhere, we are under construction!

This picture was taken at one of the many sites in London these days, especially as the evening falls. London is getting ready for the 2012 Olympic Games, and so everywhere in London there are Roadworks, re-pavings, closed roads during night time for refurbishment and replacing the asfalt, etc. Sometimes main streets have only one way open during the night - Roadworks and under construction! There's improvements to the main streets, the enlargement of streets, the fixing of streets with problems, creating some parking space, putting up more traffic signs, etc - see the link to find out more!

1 experience With the Lord today - we are all "under construction"

I think we all should wear this sign whenever we meet with people or with those who are around others - we are in continual Roadworks, under construction all the time. Just when you think that now you learned a lesson in a particular area or with a certain person, you realise that you still need to be open and continue learning to adapt, to speak to others, to shepherd people, to listen to people, and to be around others. It may be only at the end of our life that we may be fully perfected and matured, but until then, we are all under construction!

In our personal life with the Lord, we are under construction! The Lord intends to work Himself into us and make us His expression, but we are so stubborn that EVERYONE else sees that we need to give up on some things or just drop it in certain situations - yet WE DON'T!!! We are struggling with the Lord step by step, and we don't give in to Him that easy. And this is good - it is the Lord is the One who operates in us both the willing and the working! We struggle with Him, we "defeat Him", we give in to Him... Sometimes we may think that now we are open and we cooperate with Him, but it is still Him in us strengthening us to allow Him to operate in us... - we're a mess, we're under construction, but the Lord does not give up on us!

In our work life or our student life - we are under construction, and there are many roadworks. We may get along with some people, but there are still others who just don't really like us... Or maybe sometimes we don't get along with anyone... Eventually we realise that the problem is not anyone else in our environment but the problem is ME - I am the problem! I need the Lord to work Himself into me, to transform me, to conform me to His image, so that I may get along with people and learn to work together with them. If we want to speak to them about the Lord - we either don't do it at all or we overdo it... But the Lord is there, right by our side, waiting for us to turn to Him... He's right inside, desiring that we would turn again to Him and open to Him... - He in us can do so much...

In our family life, and in all other aspects of our life - we are "under construction", there's roadworks taking place in us. The Lord wants to have a way in us, to create some avenues in which He can move freely... - there's "construction cones" and "roadworks signs" everywhere in our being - we're almost like a construction site, where you need to be careful when you visit, where you step, what you do... O, Lord... But just like Abraham in the Old Testament, through mud and water, we want to allow the Lord a little more ground, give Him a bit more of our cooperation, so that He would make His home in our hearts!

... it all starts with the little things in our life, the things we think are trivial and not that important. It starts with our time with the Lord in the morning, when we personally turn to Him by calling on His name first thing in the morning! We can breathe the Lord in even while in the shower, and we can open to Him even while brushing our teeth... Our morning time with Him is vital - it is like eating a good and healthy breakfast in the morning, something that will sustain you through your most productive part of the day!

In the little things during the day, when we have a break or we need to use the restroom - we can turn again to the Lord and breathe Him in. We can simply call on His dear name from all of our heart - sometimes we can do it audibly while most times we have to do it inwardly... Take a breathing-on-the-Lord-break, and then go back to studying / working / writing / doing things. If we keep in touch with the Lord like that, our spirit will be active, the Lord will have a way to speak something to us, and He can make His home in our whole being! He can re-arrange things, He can adjust the level of our expression, He can adjust and regulate our tone or the way we dress... - it's not us imposing rules on ourselves because the Bible says so, but it is the Lord in us with our full cooperation that does things and adjusts us + supplies us!

The Lord will never give up on us - once He came into us, He's here to stay! So He set up the perimeter in us and wants to work Himself into every part of our being... - today we are in this process of "roadworks" and "under construction" where the Lord gains our cooperation bit by bit, where He is making His home and bringing in His kingdom into our whole being... - we love Him so much for never giving up on and for continually operating in us!

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